Can Slabjacking Really Restore a Damaged Concrete Slab?

If you’re like many northern Utah homeowners, slabjacking may not be a familiar. In fact, you may not have even heard about the repair method at all, before researching how to fix a damaged concrete slab.

In that case, you may be a little skeptical about slabjacking, perhaps wondering whether it really works. The short answer? Absolutely. In fact, slabjacking repair – also known as mudjacking – has been in use since the 1930’s.

If you still have doubts, read a bit about how the slabjacking process works, and you’ll see why it’s the preferred repair method for most damaged concrete slabs.

slabjacking damaged concrete

How Does Slabjacking Work to Restore Damaged Concrete?

The slabjacking process is rather simple and quick – most mudjacking projects are completed in under two hours.

Wondering how such a fast repair could possibly be better than replacing the damaged slab? To understand, you need to know about the cause of your concrete damage. In almost every case, changes in the underlying soil are to blame.

Over time, frost heaving, improper grading, poor drainage and a host of other issues combine to create voids or air pockets in the soil – and without adequate support, concrete sinks and cracks. Slabjacking is effective because the repair process fills empty areas and stabilizes the soil. Slab replacement doesn’t, which means the problem will eventually affect the new concrete.

Is Slabjacking a Temporary Fix for Damaged Concrete Slabs?

Not at all! Mudjacking offers long-lasting results – once the repair is finished, you won’t have to worry about slab settlement for years to come.

Unlike slab replacement, slabjacking addresses the underlying cause of the concrete damage. So, while tearing out and replacing a damaged slab can give you a level surface for a time, results from mudjacking are much more dependable and enduring.

Why Is Slabjacking Such an Inexpensive Repair Method?

So, we’ve just told you how slabjacking is more effective and longer-lasting than slab replacement. And now you’re thinking, why is mudjacking so cheap? As the saying goes, you get what you pay for – so how is it that the best repair method for damaged concrete is also the least expensive option?

The simplicity of slabjacking is the reason. Slab replacement involves tearing out and hauling away the damaged concrete, building forms, trucking in new concrete and pouring the slab -- and then there’s the whole curing procedure. Since mudjacking is a much easier repair, the lower cost makes perfect sense.

Slabjacking really does work to restore damaged concrete slabs – particularly when repairs are completed by experienced professional contractors, like the team at Lift Right Concrete.

As the leading northern Utah slabjacking and concrete repair company for more than a decade, Lift Right Concrete is a locally-owned business that takes pride in offering expert workmanship at a competitive price. We guarantee customer satisfaction, and we’re happy to provide references from recent slabjacking projects.

If you’re still unsure about mudjacking – or if you’d like to speak to a professional contractor about fixing your damaged concrete slab – contact our Grantsville or West Jordan office and schedule a free, no-hassle slabjacking consultation with Lift Right Concrete today.

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