Comparing Mudjacking, Concrete Lifting & Slab Leveling

So how does mudjacking differ from concrete lifting and slab leveling?


As a matter of fact, it isn’t any different at all. Mudjacking, concrete lifting and slab leveling all refer to the same concrete repair process. You might also hear it called slabjacking, concrete jacking or concrete leveling. But, by any name, it’s almost always an ideal choice.


How the Mudjacking Repair Process Works


Mudjacking is a fast and easy repair for damaged concrete. The fix takes just three steps:


  1. The mudjacking contractors drill several strategically-placed holes, each roughly two inches in diameter, through the damaged slab.
  2. A cement slurry mixture is hydraulically pumped through the drilled holes, and pressure lifts the slab back to its original even position.
  3. Once the slab is stabilized, either the mudjacking contractor or the property owner uses caulk to seal the cracks and holes.


That’s all there is to mudjacking. From start to finish, most projects take only an hour or two.


Why Mudjacking Is an Ideal Repair Option


Mudjacking is a much quicker repair than tearing out and replacing a damaged slab – the latter option can take a couple of weeks. But, that isn’t the only reason slab leveling is the best repair choice.


Compared to a slab tear-out and replacement, mudjacking is:


  • Much cheaper – Slab replacement typically costs at least two to three times as much as concrete lifting.
  • More effective – Slab leveling addresses soil instability, the cause of most concrete damage. Slab replacement does not.
  • Less destructive – Tearing out and replacing damaged concrete creates a mess and can be a landscaping nightmare. Slab leveling is a clean, simple process that doesn’t leave the landscape looking a wreck.


In addition, with a slab tear-out and replacement, the concrete needs time to cure – which means it may not be usable for at least a month. In contrast, slabs are ready for light use immediately after mudjacking. A few hours later or the next day, the concrete can handle heavy weight.


Is Mudjacking Always the Right Repair Method?


Concrete lifting, as we mentioned, works for almost every cracked, settled or sunken slab. Driveways, sidewalks, patios, porch steps, garage floors – all of these and more can be effectively and affordably repaired though slab leveling.


However, if the damage is too extensive, mudjacking is off the table. Concrete lifting simply isn’t possible for slabs that are crumbling or severely riddled with cracks. Also, slab leveling isn’t recommended for sinking or settled foundation slabs. In those cases, piering is usually the optimal choice.


Is mudjacking the right repair for your damaged concrete? Most likely, yes – but to know for sure, you’ll need to consult with a local slab leveling contractor. In northern Utah, the professionals at Lift Right Concrete are the go-to experts for residential and commercial concrete lifting projects.


To schedule a no-cost, no-obligation mudjacking consultation with the Lift Right Concrete team, contact our West Jordan or Grantsville office today.

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