Residential Concrete Lifting in Utah

Whether you just bought your dream home or you’ve been in the family abode for years, many homeowners overlook one key part of their property: The concrete. When you were viewing homes, you probably noticed that huge crack in the garage floor or holes littering the driveway. However, you probably didn’t notice the slight drooping in the patio that’s now a veritable sinkhole. You may not have noticed the fine cracks in the basement that were a warning sign that something bigger was about to happen.

People can turn a blind eye to some big red flags when it comes to concrete. It’s normal for concrete to have a few cracks, right? This is a common sentiment. While it’s true that concrete can crack if weather didn’t cooperating during the laying of the concrete or if the person doing it wasn’t a pro, it takes a trained eye to know the difference between normal cracks and big trouble ahead. Our experienced professionals can help you spot the problems.

Residential Concrete Leveling Provides a Stable Foundation

You may be surprised to learn just how much of your home depends on concrete for support. There’s your driveway, steps, garages, patios, basements and pool decks. Plus, you might be legally responsible for areas of the curbs, gutters and even sidewalks. Keep all these areas solid with our concrete jacking services.

It’s pretty easy to notice when something major happens, such as when a pool deck crumbles in half, but what about preventative care? Unless it’s a natural disaster, rarely does concrete sustain major damage out of the blue. However, symptoms of weakened or damaged concrete can be invisible to the naked eye. It might be something as minor as half an inch of sinking in the patio that you don’t even notice, but a professional has the tools and knowledge to spot problems immediately.

Keep Your Family Safe

Damaged concrete isn’t just an eyesore, it’s also dangerous. Once concrete has been compromised, there’s no telling when it might take a turn for the worse. Waiting for a disaster is never a good way to save money.

Improve the safety of your home and property from the ground up. You count on concrete to do a lot to keep you safe, but are you doing your part? As part of a biennial checkup, having an expert assess the property with a free estimate is a fantastic way to play it safe. Many home accidents are preventable, but not if you don’t make concrete safety a priority.

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