Garage Floor Leveling and Lifting in Utah

Utah garage floor concrete repair

If asked to describe their garage, most people say the same thing:

They’ll talk about the vehicles parked there, the boxing bag that’s hanging in the corner and never used, or the boxes of neatly stacked and labeled supplies. DIYers might go into details about their benches, tools and other supplies. However, few people do (or can) describe what their garage floor leveling look like. If the are un-even, or are slick with oil spills, who knows? Unfortunately, this lack of information can be a problem.

Of course, it’s pretty tough for many people to even see the floors of their garage. When they’re inside, the car(s) are usually parked, so it takes a conscious effort to move the car to the driveway and go back inside to check. Plus, the majority of homeowners aren’t winning any prizes for the most organized garage. Life gets in the way. Do you really know what’s beneath all of those boxes and bags? It might be a sinking garage for all you know, and that can lead to foundation damage and other big issues.

Does Garage Floor Leveling Really Matter?

The garage is often the last part of the home to be built. This makes for plenty of disturbance in the soil during construction, and extra debris and garbage landing in this area. Over time, the debris rots, the soil settles, and voids form under the garage floor. This can cause noticeable, sometimes even drastic, sinking of the floor.

The good news is that the garage is typically not part of the structure of the home. Some homeowners try to pour new concrete over the old, but this doesn’t fix the cause of the problem, which is the settling foundation. Concrete jacking can lift and that old, sinking floor with garage floor leveling, and give you a firm and solid foundation for cars, tools, storage, or whatever you keep in the garage.

A Complex System

Beneath the surface, there’s a lot going on. There might be plumbing, living spaces and even complex electrical systems. All of these things depend on the garage floor doing its job. However, if you don’t keep an eye on it with regular evaluations, there might be a big disaster right around the corner. While garages are often the junk drawer of the home, this is a dangerous gamble to take. Instead, let the pros make sure everything is in good shape.

Waiting until it’s too late is never a good strategy. The next time you’re pulling into your garage, remember all of the important items this part of the home is charged with protecting. Are you sure it’s in quality shape to do so?

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