Concrete Lifting & Leveling for West Jordan, Utah

For many years, Lift Right Concrete has been the #1 provider of concrete services in Utah. Steve, a builder who was all too aware of the value of a job well done, started it. A strong foundation is the first step in our local company's commitment to keeping you, our neighbors, safe and secure in your residences and commercial establishments. We perform all types of overlays, waterproofing, concrete lifting, mud and slab jacking, rapidly and at a reasonable cost.

Residential Concrete Lifting in West Jordan

Lift Right Concrete provides all kinds of concrete services for residential construction. Whether you require a concrete foundation or a concrete driveway, you will need and want a professional house contractor that specializes in concrete to plan and properly manage your concrete construction. Your home concrete project will be entirely successful since we are here to make sure of it.

Our Residential Concrete Services include:

Lifting and leveling for driveways
Driveway Repair

RV Pads
Garage Floors
Concrete Sealing

West Jordan Commercial Concrete Leveling

Concrete is a cost-effective and dependable flooring option for a variety of industries and applications. We offer expert services for concrete repair, acrylic surface sealant, penetrating surface sealant, and more at Lift Right Concrete. Our dependable team has extensive experience collaborating with businesses to recommend the ideal product for your specific requirements. Our services can enhance the efficiency and safety of your daily operations by providing you with high-quality, durable flooring options.

Municipal Concrete Leveling

Lift Right Concrete is the go-to restoration service for public walkways, driveways, and other high-traffic areas in West Jordan, Utah. When concrete is not set flat, it poses a tripping hazard to pedestrians. Lift Right quickly and safely eliminates trip hazards in heavily traveled public and municipal spaces. Patios, courtyards, and steps made of concrete can also be restored by Lift Right Concrete.

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