Concrete Floor Repair Methods: The Good and the Bad

Concrete Floor Repair

If you have noticed cracks in your concrete floor, repairs can prevent a worsening problem.

Whether it’s cracks or a sinking area in the floor of your basement or garage, you’ll need to consider some type of concrete floor repair quickly, to correct the issue.

Should you attempt repairs yourself to save money? Or is it wiser to hire a professional contractor to complete the job? Here’s a guide to what does – and doesn’t – work for fixing damaged floors.

Concrete Floor Repair Methods that Don’t Work

Many homeowners prefer to try the cheapest and easiest floor repair methods first. Unfortunately, these are not very effective.

Silicone caulk is commonly used to fill cracks in floors, but this is only a superficial solution, and one that works only for the short term because the caulk will eventually loosen.

Hydraulic cement is another popular crack fill material, but this material does not bond well with floor’s surface. Concrete shrinks and expands over time, as does the underlying soil. Hydraulic cement is rigid, so the filled crack section loosens rather of moving with the concrete.

The most important consideration here is that any type of crack filler you may choose, no matter how good the material is, does nothing to correct the underlying cause of the problem.

About DIY Floor Repair Kits

If you look online or in the hardware store, you will find many inexpensive do-it-yourself repair kits for concrete floors. In the right hands and applied in the right situations, these can sometimes be effective.

The problem? Most homeowners do not have the knowledge or expertise to choose an appropriate repair kit to address their floor damage situation.

And, even handy homeowners with basic skills encounter problems when using these kits. Without the proper understanding of how to handle repairs and how to troubleshoot when problems occur, homeowners often make mistakes that cause a small issue to grow into a much larger one.

Professional Concrete Floor Repair Solutions

Professional concrete repair contractors have the equipment and knowledge to effectively repair cracked or sunken floors.

Many use the concrete lifting method, in which the damaged surface is raised when a polymer foam. This material is hydraulically pumped through small, dime-sized holes drilled in the concrete. The foam provides support to the slab by filling voids in the soil foundation.

Concrete lifting is quite cost-effective, not only because it works, but because it addresses the root cause of the floor damage and can prevent further problems from developing.

Working with a professional contractor is the only way to permanently resolve a cracked or sunken concrete floor, as your problem likely involves larger issues. A professional concrete contractor has the tools and technology to evaluate your floor problems and advise you on how best to approach your repairs.

When you’re ready to repair your damaged floor, contact the concrete floor repair experts at Lift Right Concrete in West Jordan or Grantsville, Utah, today to schedule a free consultation. Our technicians will determine the extent of the problem and recommend the most cost-effective and long-lasting approach to achieve a professional concrete floor repair.

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