Concrete Repair for Commercial Properties

Commercial Concrete Repair

Concrete repair is an important part of being a commercial property owner. To access your building, patrons must transverse your sidewalk, driveway, walkway, parking structure, or parking lot; and when they observe signs of cracking, lifting, and broken sections, it reflects poorly on your business. In the worst case scenario, concrete in disrepair can cause damage to a vehicle or person and result in a liability lawsuit.

You should walk your property monthly and conduct a visual inspection of all concrete areas. An annual inspection done by a professional can uncover hidden problems and help you prepare for future concrete repairs.

The Dangers of Cracked Concrete

Damaged concrete poses a tripping hazard for anyone who walks across it. When people with mobility issues with canes and in wheelchairs walk or ride across the surface, imperfections are magnified and they can easily lose their balance. Visitors on bicycles, drivers of passenger cars, and delivery trucks risk blowouts from uneven, jagged surfaces. If you have major problems in your parking lot, some customers will avoid the hassle altogether by just shopping elsewhere.

Any of these scenarios can lead to lawsuits, insurance claims, and lost income. Smart business owners are proactive and repair bad surfaces long before trouble or economic loss occurs.

While many concrete problems are the result of use, aging, and chemicals; poor installation techniques or soil problems beneath the surface can cause significant, widespread damage. Property owners with damaged concrete may see nothing but dollar signs when they look down, and because of the cost of replacement, may defer taking action.

Concrete Repair, Not Replacement, is the New Trend

Pouring new concrete is an expensive proposition. Modern concrete repair techniques have made concrete repair the preferable option to replacement. As a field specialist from Engineered Concrete Repair Systems, Dennis Layne notes, as compared to 10 years ago, "Economic realities made less expensive repair options more attractive, as has the push for a more sustainable, greener building environment. Being able to repair existing concrete instead of removal and replacement seriously reduces the carbon footprint."

When you have a problem with your concrete, your first response should be to have it inspected by a reputable concrete repair company. After evaluating the potential source of crack, the inspector will present you with your options. The inspector may conclude:

  • You need surface crack filling to stop the spread of surface cracks or repair expansion joints. Some cracks may need no action if they are not structural, but should be monitored if they spread and become dangerous.
  • In cases where you have concrete slabs out of place on steps, sidewalks, or driveways, your problem may stem from voids in the soil beneath the surface. Whether the problem resulted from poor soil preparation and compaction prior to installation, or from later shifting, pumping concrete grout beneath the surface can stabilize the soil, repair erosion, and create a more stable base for concrete slabs.
  • Even when frost heave displaces slabs, concrete lifting techniques can make the surface level again by injecting cement grout or foam products beneath the surface.
  • Some cracked and broken surfaces may need replacement if there is too much deterioration.

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