Do You Need Pool Deck Concrete Lifting Before Winter?

Pool Deck Concrete Lifting

Before winter sets in, arranging for concrete lifting around your pool is the best way to head off more expensive repairs in the future. Keeping your pool deck free of cracks and unevenness is important for both appearance and the safety of your family. When pool season arrives again, you will want the area to be ready for a new year of fun without having to undergo expensive repairs before you can use the pool.

Why You Need Concrete Lifting Around Your Pool Deck

The concrete on your pool deck is usually above the frost line, which can cause it to crack or warp in the presence of freezing weather. What starts out as a minor crack could worsen over the winter. In addition, your pool is subject to settling for at least the first 10 years.

When your pool was put in, the backfill material placed around it may not have been properly compacted; even if your contractor did a great job, the settling process could still leave voids or air pockets under the deck. Once the concrete slabs are no longer supported, they can sink, especially after soil has frozen and thawed. Often this does not happen uniformly among all parts of the concrete, so you can have uneven parts, which is where the trouble starts.

As a result you could:

  • Develop tripping hazards at the joints between slabs and at the coping stones at the edge of the pool. The 2 to 3 inch gap between the pool border and a slab can cause swimmers to stumble as they approach the pool and are an easy target for bare feet to ram into.
  • Develop excessive cracks that need evaluation, even if they do not pose a danger to the concrete. Leveling slabs may slow further crack formation, though it is wise to have them continually monitored to prevent worsening problems.

How Concrete Jacking Can Help Sagging Pool Decks

Concrete lifting processes such as mud jacking or foam jacking will fill in holes and pockets of erosion in the soil beneath the pool deck and raise up slabs to be even again. The advantage of the process is that it costs 1/2 to 2/3 the cost of pouring new slabs, when you can reduce or eliminate the cost of replacing landscaping and other features in your yard as there is usually minimal disturbance to the area around the pool. The process is so quick that even if you have it done when the pool is in use, it will only be out of commission for a couple hours while the work is completed and the material cures.

Head off winter problems and be ready to use your pool next spring with concrete lifting. Call Lift Right Concrete for a free consultation and estimate for concrete lifting of your pool deck.

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