Estimating the Cost of Concrete Jacking

Concrete Jacking EstimateUsing concrete jacking to level uneven slabs of concrete is less costly than tearing out and replacing the slab, but what type of cost savings can you expect? The process is carried out by
drilling holes into the old surface and then raising or "jacking up" sagging concrete with a slurry or polyurethane based materials.

What Are Other Homeowners Paying?

Costs may be as low as $150 per hole, but this figure is not very meaningful unless you know how extensive of repairs you need.

According to, an online service that matches homeowners in need of home repair with area contractors, estimated that of the nearly 600 people who requested this service and filled out a survey after using it, the average cost ranged from $300-$2000, with the average cost being $842; most homeowners spent between $536-$1251.

Variables That Affect the Cost of Concrete Jacking

How much the process costs on a given job depends on several variables:

  • Material costs. Of the two materials used for the process, mud jacking costs less than polyurethane foam. Mud jacking uses a mixture of water, dirt, and cement to fill the voids. If your contractor uses the traditional mud jacking process, it is very important that you verify that he is using the highest quality material with the proper balance of sand and silt.
  • Fixed costs. Mud jacking trucks are costly and can run over $100,000. Fixed costs such as this are part of the pricing of each job, which makes doing small jobs cost more per square foot than large jobs.
  • Size of the area. Concrete that needs lifting often has voids in the soil underneath that need filling for the process to work. A small slab with minimal air pockets underneath requires a small amount of slurry or foam, but a driveway built on soil that has settled or that was not properly prepared can use larger amounts. The extra time and labor involved in doing a larger job naturally increases the cost.
  • Location of the concrete. When you have flat, easily accessible concrete that needs to be repaired, total costs are less than if you have a hard-to-access area or one that is tight or confined. Getting the truck in place for convenient dispersion of the concrete material in a difficult area requires more labor (and cost) than for a flat slab.

Concrete Replacement

For an average job, the contractor will estimate the price by multiplying fixed and variable costs times the amount of material to be pumped into place. This might make a small 50 square-foot job cost about $11 per square foot, and a large 500 square foot one cost less than $6 per square foot.

In contrast, replacing old cracked concrete with new product might exceed $50 per square foot or more on small jobs, given the cost of delivery, disposal, and equipment. This is why the cost of new concrete is often 2 to 3 times that of mud jacking or foam jacking.

If you have cracked or sagging concrete and are curious about the cost to repair it, contact Lift Right Concrete today for an estimate on concrete jacking.

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