Make Concrete Lifting a Part of your Spring Cleanup

Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting might be the service you need to increase the curb appeal of your home this spring. When steps, driveways, patios, sidewalks and garage floors sink and become uneven, your home looks sloppy and in disrepair. In addition, any of these conditions can pose a potential safety hazard. People are likely to trip on a section of raised sidewalk or an uneven step, especially if it’s difficult to gauge or see. Concrete lifting can correct these conditions.

Why Concrete Becomes Uneven and Ruins your Curb Appeal

Back when your home was newly constructed, your concrete was level. The contractor prepared the surface by grading and leveling the ground until it was flat. Since most soil contains a mixture of clay and looser sediment, the compression he attempted eventually and inevitably failed. This isn’t your contractor’s fault per se; because soil constantly shifts and "breathes," it’s impossible to compress all of the air pockets. And in addition, your soil will naturally settle, erode and break down over time. This, unfortunately, causes your concrete areas and fixtures to sink and become uneven.

Traditionally, when your concrete fixtures and areas sink, you have to shore up the soil beneath with expensive structures such as helical piers, and then replace the concrete. This is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. However, if there are no underlying structural issues, you may be able to solve the problem with concrete lifting.

Concrete Lifting may Solve the Problem

Concrete lifting offers a solution to sunken concrete by stabilizing the soil underneath the structure, making the structure sound and even again. Here’s how concrete lifting works: A contractor drills small holes into the concrete, then injects a grout-like material, or a special polyurethane foam into the holes. This raises the concrete, creating an even, weight-bearing surface once again.

In some cases, sinking indicates more serious, structural problems. A company that offers slab jacking or foam jacking often specializes in repairing more extensive structural issues as well. They will undoubtedly survey the problem areas and advise you if you need more comprehensive repairs.
However, if there’s no structural damage, concrete lifting can stabilize the soil around the foundation, and often alleviate the need for more costly solutions.

A Prelude to Other Spring Cleanup Jobs

This spring, before you consider other outdoor projects, consider attending to those sunken, uneven slabs with a minimally invasive leveling process. You might find that the lifting company can fix problems in many exterior areas of your home, leaving you free to attend to the other spring-cleaning tasks that need your attention. Between the sprucing, repairs and concrete lifting, your home will appear much more cared for and attractive.

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