Repair Damaged Concrete Now & Save Money Later

Budgeting to repair damaged concrete outside of your home might not be one of your biggest priorities – but perhaps it should be.

repair damaged concrete now & save money later

Cracked, sunken or settled slabs are often viewed as nothing more than a blot on the landscape. And, although a damaged slab is certainly an eyesore, that isn’t why you need to rush concrete repair.

The real reason is money. Repair your damaged concrete now, and you’ll save money later. So, what’s the cheapest way to fix your damaged slab?

Concrete Repair Gets More Expensive the Longer You Wait

Let’s say your slab is already cracked, settled or sunken. The problem isn’t going to go away on its own. In fact, the damage will likely get worse over time.

A damaged slab is vulnerable to water infiltration. And, as water gets under the concrete, the soil will shift, causing the slab to settle further. Eventually, additional cracks and sunken areas will begin to appear.

The worse the damage gets, the more you can expect to pay for concrete repair. Wait too long, and you might even be forced to tear out and replace the damaged slab – which is much more expensive than restoring the original slab.

Damaged Concrete Puts You at Risk for a Costly Lawsuit

If your slab doesn’t have too much damage yet, you might think you can afford to wait at least a little while for concrete repair. However, while you might not be in danger of having to replace the slab anytime soon, you could face a lawsuit at any time.

Every cracked, settled or sunken slab poses a trip hazard. Put off scheduling an appointment to repair damaged concrete on your property and anyone who visits – your elderly neighbor, perhaps, or the local mail carrier -- could fall and suffer an injury.

If that happens, you may end up in court, embroiled in a premises liability lawsuit. And, if the judge believes you knew about the trip hazard – or if you should have known – you might have to pay for the injured party’s medical care and lost wages.

For a severe injury, you could even be compelled to pay damages for pain and suffering, lost future income and future medical bills.

What’s the Cheapest Way to Repair Damaged Concrete?

You may be putting your bank account at risk if you put off getting concrete repair. That said, you don’t want to break the bank fixing your damaged slab.

Act soon – before the damage has a chance to crumble the slab or affect your home foundation – and you won’t have to spend a lot on repair. Mudjacking is the cheapest and easiest fix for damaged concrete, and it is effective for most settled, cracked and sunken outdoor slabs.

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