Sinking Concrete Causes

Sinking concrete not only looks bad but it degrades your property value and poses a safety hazard.

Sinking Sidewalk

But what causes your concrete to sink?

In most cases, poor soil conditions under the sunken slab are to blame, but they usually get a little help from other influences. Some you may have no control over but, by addressing those you can fix, you may spare yourself from needing concrete repair again in the future.

Frost Heaving

When melting snow penetrates the soil under a slab and the temperature dips below freezing, the ground expands. Then, when the earth dries out, the soil contracts. Frost heaving can leave sections of a slab unsupported and susceptible to sinking.

Improper Grading

If the ground slopes toward a slab, water runoff can easily penetrate into the soil underneath. Excess moisture in the soil creates instability, leading to sinking concrete. Improper grading is frequently a factor for properties in need of concrete repair.

Poor Water Drainage

Even if the ground is properly graded, soil problems can develop if you neglect gutter and downspout maintenance. When moisture runoff from the rooftop flows toward a slab, ponding water can lead to sinking concrete.

Soil Washout

Serious plumbing leaks, floods and heavy rainfall can add a large amount of water to the soil in a short amount of time. As the water moves through the earth, the soil supporting a slab can be diminished, causing it to sink.

Tree Root Growth

When trees grow near a slab, their roots can extend into the soil underneath. As the root system becomes larger, foot traffic and weather conditions can cause the slab to sink, crack and buckle.

Burrowing Animals

Mice, rats, voles and other underground critters can burrow through soil under a slab, creating tunnels and empty spaces. When this behavior creates enough voids in the underlying soil, the slab becomes prone to sinking.

Poorly Compacted Soil

During the construction of a sidewalk, driveway or other slab surface, soil may be spread or moved to level the grade. The loose soil must then be properly compacted to remove air cavities. Without adequate compaction, concrete repair for a sinking slab is likely in your future.

Poor Craftsmanship

Sinking concrete may also be the result of a poor cement mix. Too much or too little water in the mixture, for example, can make the resulting slab unstable. In addition, a mixture that’s poured or cured incorrectly can accelerate the need for concrete repair.

Don’t wait too long to get concrete repair, as the problem will only get worse over time. A professional contractor can lift your sunken slab back to a level position, effectively removing both the eyesore and the trip hazard. For prompt, high-quality repair service at a reasonable price, northern Utah homeowners turn to Lift Right Concrete.

Let our expert repair contractors restore your sunken slab and make your driveway, patio, porch, sidewalk, garage floor or pool deck as good as new. Contact our Grantsville or West Jordan office and schedule a free concrete repair consultation for your sinking concrete today.

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