Use Concrete Slab Leveling to Eliminate Winter Tripping Hazards

Concrete Slab Leveling

Before winter comes, do you need concrete slab leveling for your sidewalk, steps, patio, or other outdoor concrete areas? When winter comes, the freezing temperatures can exacerbate existing problems with slabs. Moisture that freezes under the slabs can displace them, but often they will fall back into place after the thaw. If your slabs or sidewalk are already out of place, you may need concrete lifting to prevent it becoming worse during the winter.

Hazards of Uneven Slabs

Not only are out of alignment slabs unsightly, they can also create a tripping hazard. Especially if there is a bit of snow on the pavement, a passerby can fail to see the difference in height from one slab to another and suffer a fall. This circumstance can quickly become a liability for you if a person is injured and files a lawsuit.

Steps and porches built with concrete slabs that become uneven are a hazard in any weather. These structures butt up to the foundation of your home and may settle and tilt, which results in an uneven surface. You may even have a problem with just one or two steps, which makes climbing them difficult, especially in bad weather where your footing may not be as sure.

Out of alignment slabs also cause a problem with maintenance. If you are using a snowblower or plow, you can damage your equipment by hitting the distended piece. When your driveway needs concrete slab leveling, you can damage your tires by driving over a raised piece.

Concrete Slab Leveling - the Solution for Uneven Slabs

The best way to handle any of these problems with uneven slabs is with concrete slab leveling. The process, which involves drilling a series of small holes into the concrete and injecting them with a grout compound or foam compound, will fill in voids in the soil underneath that are subject to freezing and moisture. As a result of this process, the concrete slab is brought back up to a level position. When the ground freezes again, the presence of the material used for leveling will prevent further infiltration of water that can cause problems during freezing weather.

The beauty of this solution is that it is a long-term one. Treated slabs are less likely to rise during the winter so long as all the affected ground has been treated with the leveling compound. Concrete slab leveling also costs about half of what replacing a concrete slab costs. Unfortunately, unless the ground underneath a new slab is properly prepared and compressed to remove voids, the same problems can recur.

Schedule Concrete Slab Leveling With Lift Right Concrete

If you need concrete leveling, now is the time to make arrangements to have this service performed. During the winter, when the ground is frozen, it is difficult to do the mudjacking process which utilizes hydraulic pressure to deliver the material. Companies that offer this service are often booked weeks in advance during this time, so speed is of the essence in making arrangements.

Call Lift Right Concrete today to arrange for a free consultation and concrete slab leveling before winter sets in.

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