Why DIY Slabjacking is a Bad Idea

You’re not a concrete leveling contractor, but DIY slabjacking should be easy, right? Seems simple enough, and if you’re the handyman type, why not handle the concrete repair yourself? After all, you can find plenty of videos and tutorials online.

Many northern Utah homeowners have the same thought but – surprise! – the majority of handy homeowners who take the DIY route for slabjacking repair don’t get the results they expect. Sometimes you could even be left with a bigger problem than you had when you started!

Frankly, concrete leveling isn’t as easy as it looks, even for people who are incredibly adept at household repairs.DIY slabjacking

Slabjacking Requires Specialized Tools

Slabjacking isn’t a repair you can complete with ordinary household tools. Concrete leveling contractors use special tools, including a high-power concrete drill, a hydraulic pump and a proprietary cement-based slurry to fill voids in the soil beneath the damaged slab.

If you try slabjacking repair without the right tools, you could create further damage instead of fixing the problem. And, you might even create a weakness within the slab that can’t be solved by a concrete leveling contractor.

DIY Slabjacking May Not Fix the Problem

So, let’s say you decide to spring for specialized slabjacking tools. You’ll be spending a lot of money – and your investment could easily wind up being a waste.

Go the DIY route with slabjacking, and you’ll just be guessing at the best places to drill holes in your damaged slab. And, you really won’t know exactly what type – or how much – cement-based slurry you need to level and stabilize the concrete. As a result, at best, your slabjacking repair might only provide a temporary fix for the problem. At worst, your DIY work could create additional concrete damage, making a slab replacement necessary.

DIY Slabjacking Gives You Amateur-Looking Results

One of the advantages of scheduling slabjacking with a professional concrete leveling contractor is the nearly invisible repair work. The slab will be level, and evidence of previous damage will be difficult to spot.

Not so with DIY slabjacking. The results tend to look rather rough, as getting the job done properly takes skill, training and experience. Do-it-yourselfers can learn the basic technique from countless online videos and tutorials, but there’s no substitute for concrete leveling expertise.

If you’re considering DIY slabjacking and you live in northern Utah, schedule a free consultation with the concrete leveling contractors at Lift Right Concrete first. Professional slabjacking is cheaper than you think – and with our experts handling your project, you can look forward to high-quality, long-lasting results.

Many household repairs are well-suited for do-it-yourselfers, but concrete leveling simply isn’t one of those types of projects. Before you decide on DIY slabjacking, contact the Grantsville or West Jordan Lift Right Concrete office for a free, no-hassle consultation and repair estimate.

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