Why Your Cracked Concrete Garage Floor Needs a Repair

So, you have a cracked concrete garage floor. Do you really need to have it repaired right now?

concrete garage floor

It’s just a garage, after all. Maybe the cracks are tiny. Maybe you don’t even park in there, or maybe it’s become a catch-all spot for storing your stuff. If so, fixing the problem might be pretty low on your list of priorities.

In truth, a cracked concrete garage slab should be repaired sooner rather than later. Otherwise you might end up with a costly problem on your hands.

Your Cracked Concrete Garage Floor Will Likely Get Worse

Don’t let anyone tell you that a small crack in any concrete slab isn’t a problem.

Sure, some surface cracks could be superficial and only affect the appearance of your garage. Even if that’s the case right now, the slab’s condition could easily worsen.

Any concrete damage, even small cracks, leaves the slab vulnerable to moisture penetration. If moisture penetrates the slab, the crack is likely spread. Eventually, the structural integrity of your garage could be at risk.

If your concrete floor already has active cracks – which are typically caused by foundation settlement – structural damage may occur if you don’t have it repaired.

Cracked Concrete Repair Protects Your Home’s Value

You may not be planning to sell or refinance your house in the near future, but who knows what the future holds?

Having your cracked concrete repaired is an important investment, as it helps maintain the value of your home. When the time comes to sell or refinance, you naturally want the highest possible market value.

And, when you do finally sell your house, cracks in the concrete raise an ugly red flag to potential home buyers. In that case, you aren’t likely to command top dollar for your home and you may have trouble attracting buyers at all.

How to Repair a Cracked Concrete Garage Floor

Superficial cracks can often be repaired with a bit of epoxy mortar. However, before deciding on this course of action, you should request an evaluation from an experienced concrete repair specialist. Surface cracks can mask a larger foundation settlement problem beneath the slab.

To be on the safe side, have your garage floor checked for underlying structural damage.

If you do have active cracking, joint sealer won’t solve the problem. Instead, mudjacking (concrete jacking) may be the best method of concrete repair for you. Mudjacking is quick and mess-free. And, even more important, this type of repair is very reasonably priced.

In fact, the average cost for concrete jacking is just $850. Larger jobs cost more, of course, but most homeowners pay between $500 and $1,207 for their mudjacking project.

If you wait too long to have your garage floor fixed, the damage could affect your home’s foundation. If you have severe foundation settlement, mudjacking won’t work to correct the problem. You’ll need to have pier supports installed instead. The average cost for structural concrete repair is a whopping $4,726.

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