3 Pressing Reasons to Schedule Your Concrete Jacking Now

OK, we get it – concrete jacking is not the most exciting topic. In fact, repairing the cracks in your concrete steps, driveway, sidewalks or patio is probably at the bottom of your household maintenance list.

Concrete jacking

If you look at the big picture, however, you’ll be time and money ahead if you don’t delay repairing any damaged concrete around your home.

Reason No. 1: Concrete Cracks Are Not Stable

Maybe the cracks in your concrete slab appear to be small and somewhat insignificant. Or maybe they aren’t posing a safety problem at the moment, so you haven’t made repair a high priority.

Remember, though, that concrete cracks never go away on their own. Although they might not appear to be worsening, they almost always grow larger over time. Nearby plant root growth, soil settlement, moisture penetration and freeze-and-thaw cycles will eventually cause the damage to grow worse.

Every crack is vulnerable, no matter how small. Fixing the damage is the only way to prevent it from growing into a bigger problem. Concrete jacking, or slabjacking, can restore the integrity of a slab and stop cracks in their tracks.

Reason No. 2: Repairs Will Cost More If You Delay Concrete Jacking

While you may not want to budget for slabjacking now, think about the long-term cost. The longer you wait, the worse your damage will be. The more extensive the damage, the more the concrete repair will cost. You’ll be money ahead if you don’t procrastinate.

During the slabjacking process, we drill several small holes in the concrete. Next, we pump a cement slurry or polyurethane foam mixture through the holes. This mixture fills in the voids, or empty spaces, beneath the slab.

As the mixture fills in the voids, pressure builds up and lifts the slab back to a level position. Finally, the holes are filled and any existing cracks are caulked, leaving the slab completely stable and secure.

But larger cracks are accompanied by larger voids, requiring more of the slabjacking mixture to restore the slab. More time will also be required to complete the repair. And, as a result, the cost of your concrete jacking will increase accordingly.

Reason No. 3: You’ll Want to Sell Your Home Someday

Although you may plan to live in your current home forever, the chances are good that you will decide to sell at some point. When you do, buyers will expect you to address any damaged concrete on the property.

No one can force you to repair your concrete before selling. However, doing these repairs before you put your home on the market will protect your home’s value and help you sell faster.

Concrete cracks are a turn-off to home buyers because they inevitably suspect structural or settlement problems. Without repairs, you may have trouble attracting strong offers. Your small investment in slabjacking today will pay off when it comes time to sell your home.

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