Avoid These Mistakes When Repairing Concrete

Avoid These Mistakes When Repairing Concrete

Concrete is a durable product and can last several decades, but that doesn’t mean it’s always flawless. If your notice issues in your concrete such as cracks, sunken areas, or flaking, consider getting a repair estimate sooner rather than later. Although some projects may seem easily repaired by yourself, there could be underlying issues that only a professional is able to analyze.

Not Getting a Proper Diagnosis

When it comes to cracking concrete, it’s tempting to fill the gaps and consider it done. However, it’s important to look for the root cause of the crack and assess if something bigger may be going on. If you don’t tackle the source of the problem, the temporary repair will not hold up, and sometimes, it can even make it worse. You don’t want to keep putting a band aid over a hidden major issue. With something as important as concrete, especially if it’s your foundation, trust a diagnosis to an expert. Make sure to provide important information during the diagnosis, such as when you started noticing the problem, how it reacts to weather changes, if it gets worse at different times of the year, if there are problems with the foundation of the home, or if you’ve noticed changes to the stress load of the pavement or structure. And don’t be afraid to ask questions—a caring professional will take the time to hear all your concerns.

Not Preparing to Repair

Home projects can be frustrating and it’s tempting to rush through a job and cut corners. Concrete will eventually show this mistake with bigger problems popping up over the years. If cracks are the problem, they shouldn’t be handled in a one-size-fits-all tactic. They need to be approached as their own unique problem because it’s likely that they are. Slow, thoughtful repairs will be much better than a huge emergency replacement.

Using the Wrong Material

For some issues, repairing concrete with concrete will work out okay. But other issues may need to be repaired with something even stronger, such as carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a cost-effective way to repair concrete. It’s non-corrosive, acid resistant, lightweight, and fairly easy to handle and install. Get the project assessed to see what the best approach is for repairing your project.

Replacing the Concrete Without Looking at Options

Concrete replacement is needed for some cases, but don’t jump to that conclusion right at the beginning. Get Lift Right Concrete to come out and analyze your situation. With professional, high quality lifting options, you’ll be surprised what can be repaired and end up looking great. Also note that if your concrete was lifting or had major issues, it may not be the concrete that was the problem. You’ll need to assess if the soil supporting the slab was the culprit or if you have water problems that you’re not seeing on the surface. Our team can check for these underlying problems so you don’t have to go through a total tear out and replacement just to have the new concrete slab go through the same problems.

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