Combat Concrete Cracks

Combat Concrete Cracks
Cracks in your concrete?
Don’t leave them unaddressed any longer. Cracking in concrete slabs can be troublesome, and in some cases, dangerous. These cracks allow water to seep underneath your concrete, can be the result of settling issues resulting in uneven pavement, and they allow for weeds and roots to grow through. Unfortunately, cracks are inevitable in concrete no matter how well it was poured and finished or how careful you are with weight distribution. Concrete is rigid, making it a durable and economical option for homeowners and businesses alike, but it also means that it can fracture over time from excessive weight or due to weather conditions and other natural elements.

Before winter hits, it’s a really good idea to get any cracks repaired. A professional and experienced company can assess whatever concrete problems you have to see if there are more repairs needed besides sealing. In many cases, crack sealing is all that you will need to repair the damage. Joint sealer can be applied to any cracks or in gaps to create a weather tight seal. This will help ensure no further damage happens to your concrete from the initial crack. Another option is to fill holes with cement grout, which offers a fast and affordable solution for many problems. In some cases, however, there may be deeper issues and more repairs may be recommended. It is possible to seal cracks on your own, and there are many products on the market today, but it’s wise to have the experts check it out first. You don’t want to put a band aid on what you think is a simple cut when it really needs surgery.

Cracking the Surface

Some cracking on the top of concrete can be fixed with a simple overlay. (Don’t mistake simple for easy, though. This should also be left to a professional.) Deeper cracks from settling, widespread expansion, or overloading the slab may need more extensive work to be properly fixed. Large cracks not only look unsightly, but they can be very dangerous tripping hazards. Once the snow falls, those cracks are invisible for much of the winter, and you don’t want to be tripping over them while shoveling or walking outside. Additionally, you don’t want to be liable in a lawsuit if someone trips and falls on your property. Leveling or lifting may be needed before any sealing is considered, and this is another important service you want left to true professionals. Your walkway, patios, and driveway need to be risk-free, which all starts will level, uncracked concrete. Lift Right Concrete has been around the concrete block for a long time, with an expert team understanding all the complexities of Utah’s climate and its impact on concrete slabs. Whether you think the cracking on your walkway is the city’s issue or on your private property, you’ll want to get a skillful company out to verify. We offer no-pressure, free assessments to ensure you’re getting the right work for the right job.

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