Common Concrete Lifting Questions & Answers

So, you want to fix a cracked and sunken slab. As you explore your options online, you come across concrete lifting – and you’re not sure what to think, because you’ve never heard of the repair method.

Sound familiar? If this is your first time fixing sunken concrete, it makes perfect sense for you to be completely unfamiliar with concrete lifting. And chances are, you have questions. For answers, read the following guide.

What is concrete lifting?

How Do Contractors Lift Sunken Concrete?

Concrete lifting, or mudjacking, is a simple process. First, professional contractors drill small holes in the sunken slab. Then, a hydraulic pump delivers a cement slurry mixture through the holes and down into the empty spaces in the underlying soil. Once these voids are filled, pressure lifts the sunken concrete back to an even, stable position.

How Long Does Concrete Lifting Take?

Though large repairs can take longer, most mudjacking projects take only one or two hours to complete. Once the sunken concrete is sunken no more, the slab is ready for light use. After several hours or by the next day, the slab can handle heavy weight,

How Long Do Results from the Repair Last?

Mudjacking stabilizes the soil underneath a settled slab. Because of this, if you caulk after the repair is complete and reseal the slab periodically, and you can look forward to long-lasting results. In most cases, mudjacked slabs remain stable and level for a decade or longer.

How Much Does Concrete Lifting Cost?

Every project is unique, so professional mudjacking contractors provide customers with customized estimates based upon their individual needs. However, the cost always falls far below that of slab replacement – tearing out a slab and pouring a new one comes in about two to three times the price of mudjacking. And polyjacking, a repair that’s similar to mudjacking, also has a higher cost.

Is Concrete Lifting Always an Option?

Mudjacking works for cracked and sunken sidewalks, driveways, patios, porch steps, pool decks, parking lots, garage floors and most other damaged outdoor slabs. But, unfortunately, it’s not the right solution for badly crumbled or crushed slabs. And, mudjacking cannot repair major structural problems or foundation damage.

A reputable professional contractor will tell you whether or not mudjacking can be an effective solution for your sunken concrete. If you’d like an expert opinion and repair estimate from a leading northern Utah mudjacking contractor, get in touch with Lift Right Concrete.

The friendly team at Lift Right Concrete can answer all of your questions about mudjacking and explain how it compares to your other repair options. If you have sunken concrete at your Salt Lake City area home or business, contact our West Jordan or Grantsville office and schedule a concrete lifting consultation today.

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