Concrete Lifting: How to Prepare Your Parking Lot

Parking Lot Concrete Lifting

A typical residential concrete lifting project requires very little preparation from the homeowner.

A commercial project, however, requires a few extra steps. After all, you have to consider the staff and customers who regularly enter and leave the property, and that requires a bit of logistics and planning.

Follow these easy tips to prepare your parking lot for concrete leveling.

Warn Your Employees Early about Concrete Lifting Project

Who uses your parking lot every day? Your employees.

Consequently, they need to know about the concrete leveling ahead of time, so that they won’t park their vehicles near the work area. Cars parked near the project site can interfere with the work. Even worse, employees could trip or fall, causing an injury and an insurance liability.

Send out a group email to all of your employees a week before the concrete lifting is to occur. Follow up with a reminder email the day before the project. Provide the necessary details, including the time range for the project and the area of the parking lot that will be raised.

Finally, be sure to provide an alternative parking area for your staff, while the work is being completed.

Block Off the Parking Lot Before Concrete Lifting

You may be able to schedule your concrete leveling project for a time when your parking lot is empty, such as early morning, later in the evening or on the weekend.

If this is not possible – or if you have cars on your lot at all hours of the day – you must find a way to prevent people from parking near the work area.

Wait until all of the vehicles are gone from the area of the lot that needs work. Then, using traffic cones and caution tape (or something similar), block off the area. If the area being raised is large, you may need to block it off in sections.

In many cases, your concrete contractor may be able to come out and perform this task for you.

Post Signs about the Concrete Lifting Project to Alert Customers

If you have customers or clients who regularly visit your business, they will appreciate an advance warning of work being done on the property.

Hang signs near the doorways to let everyone know when the parking lot will be unavailable. This will allow your regulars to adjust the time they visit your business, or plan an alternate place to park their vehicles.

You may also want to post signs or posters near the parking lot entrances, as some people may not realize that you are still open for business during the concrete leveling process. A simple, “We’re Open – Please Pardon Our Mess” along with an arrow pointing toward alternate parking will alert your customers or clients, while also allowing you to apologize for the inconvenience.

The professionals at Lift Right Concrete can make sure your project goes smoothly, with minimal interruption to your business. Call our West Jordan or Grantsville, Utah, office today to schedule a free consultation for commercial concrete lifting.

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