Factors in How Long Mudjacking Will Last, Part 1

For those in need of concrete repair for concrete surfaces that are cracked, sunken or otherwise damaged, mudjacking – or concrete lifting – is often the ideal solution. Used to drill holes in concrete and raise it by pumping cement grout into the slabs using hydraulics, mudjacking is applicable to a wide variety of concrete surfaces and one of the most common forms of concrete repair available.

At Lift Right Concrete LLC, we’re proud to offer a variety of commercial and residential concrete repair services, including concrete lifting and leveling for any surface you require. One of the single most common questions we’re asked about this process: How long will mudjacking solutions last on your concrete? This two-part blog will begin by looking at the important factors in the answer to this question, and then will dig into several of the procedures we take to ensure your concrete repair stands the test of time and lasts decades without issue.

factors long mudjacking last

Moisture Considerations

One of the first and most important areas to consider when requesting or performing mudjacking is the presence of moisture in the area. As we noted above, mudjacking utilizes a cement grout, also called a slurry, which contains cement, sand and also water. With the ideal mixture, this material cures to a hard finish format.

However, if moisture is allowed to seep into this process in unwanted ways, the equation may change. In particular, if mudjacking is exposed to water after the repairs are done, this can create many of the same issues that often cause concrete problems to begin with – cracking, sinking, gaps and related concerns. For this reason, our pros are always extremely careful with any sources of moisture during such processes.

Soil Compaction and Quality

Another major element here is the quality and compaction of the soil beneath the concrete in question. Ideal concrete requires properly-compacted soil, which will support the concrete slab for years and stop any sinking or related issues from taking place.

This means that soil must receive significant attention during any concrete repair process. In many cases, soil issues are the source of the problem initially.

Surrounding Elements

Finally, it’s important not to forget about surrounding elements when performing concrete repairs for any surface. We’re mostly referring to elements that may have an impact on the areas we discussed above, such as gutters that are leaking and may shoot water into the repaired area, foundations dealing with leaking or swamping concerns, or backfill issues around the slab that impact the soil and compaction. If these areas are not properly identified and managed, concrete repair will be limited in its efficacy. When they’re handled in the right ways, on the other hand, concrete repairs will last for decades.

For more on the factors influencing how long mudjacking and other concrete repair services last, or to learn about any of our concrete lifting and leveling services, speak to the staff at Lift Right Concrete LLC today.

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