Top 7 Benefits of Mudjacking

Mudjacking isn’t the only repair technique used to restore settled concrete slabs – but, it’s often the best repair technique.

Also known as slabjacking, mudjacking can raise and stabilize cracked driveways, sunken sidewalks, and other damaged outdoor slabs. This method of concrete repair is popular for homeowners and businesses in northern Utah. Once you read about the many benefits of mudjacking, you’ll understand why.


No. 1: Mudjacking Saves Money

Looking for the most affordable way to fix your damaged concrete? Mudjacking comes in at a fraction of the cost of slab replacement. And, due to the less expensive materials used, slabjacking also costs less than polyjacking, a similar concrete repair process.

No. 2: Mudjacking Fixes the Real Problem

Slab replacement doesn’t address the soil voids underneath the damaged concrete. The empty pockets of air remain, so the slab is likely to settle again. During the slabjacking process, soil voids are filled. As a result, the concrete is much more stable and secure, and the repair lasts much longer.

No. 3: Mudjacking is a Quick Repair

Unlike slab replacement, slabjacking repair isn’t a long, drawn-out process. Though larger jobs can take longer, most mudjacking projects are finished in just an hour or two.

No. 4: Mudjacking is a Clean Repair

Tearing up and pouring a new concrete slab is messy – and the demolition work can tear up some of the nearby landscaping. Slabjacking is a clean method of repair. The truck and machinery won’t damage your landscape, and any spills of the cement slurry mixture can be wiped clean with a damp rag.

No. 5: Mudjacking Doesn’t Keep You Waiting

Slab replacement can take a couple of weeks to complete. And once the work is done, the surface can’t be used until the concrete is cured – which can take a month or more. With mudjacking, the slab is ready for light use immediately after the repair is finished. A few hours later or overnight, the concrete is ready for heavy weight.

No. 6: Mudjacking Keeps Concrete Color Uniform

Do you want one section of your concrete to stick out like a sore thumb? That’s what happens with slab replacement – matching the color and texture of older concrete is virtually impossible. With slabjacking, this isn’t a concern. The original slab is kept in place, so the repair work is nearly invisible.

No. 7: Mudjacking is an Eco-Friendly Repair

If you’re trying to go green – and who isn’t, these days? – slabjacking is an ideal repair method. The cement slurry is made of completely natural materials, the process produces no waste and the work requires very little energy. Really, slabjacking is the most environmentally-friendly concrete repair technique.

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