Got Cracks? Call for Concrete Repair Help!

Can you take a DIY approach to concrete repair? Should you? Or should you call on a professional to fix the cracks in your concrete?

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Cracks in your driveway, sidewalk, patio or other slab could be superficial, affecting only the appearance of the surface. Or they could point to structural problems and a lack of durability in the slab. It’s important that homeowners know how to tell the difference, so that they can select the appropriate repair strategy for concrete cracks.

Concrete Repair for Small Cracks

How can you identify a small concrete crack as compared to a larger one?

Grab a credit card and see if you can slide it into the crack in your concrete. No go? Now, take a flashlight and shine it into the crack. If the card doesn’t fit and you can’t see down deep in the slab, you may have a dormant crack, or a cosmetic one that doesn’t threaten the slab’s stability.

Dormant cracks do not change or get worse over time – unless they are left unrepaired. Without repair, even superficial cracking is vulnerable to moisture penetration, which typically leads to further damage.

For small surface cracks, you may not need professional help. If you’re certain that your cracking is dormant, you may be able to handle the project on your own with a few tools and some epoxy mortar.

Concrete Repair for Larger Cracks

Before you decide to try the do-it-yourself concrete repair route, consider this: What if you’re wrong? What if the cracks in your slab aren’t merely on the surface?

If that’s the case, your DIY concrete repair will be little more than a temporary fix, and it won’t be long before you will have to do the job again. To ensure that your slab won’t crack again, you must eliminate the cause of the problem.

A professional concrete repair contractor can evaluate the integrity of your slab to determine if epoxy mortar injections are enough to fix your cracks. But, if your cracking is found to be active – or changing in depth, width or direction – it’s time to consider slabjacking.

Active cracks are an indication of structural issues that degrade the integrity of your slab. Slabjacking is a quick, mess-free method of leveling concrete that can eliminate cracks and restore the stability of your concrete.

Will Slabjacking Work for All Large Concrete Cracks?

Slabjacking can work for most large cracks, and it can return sunken and uneven slabs to a level position. However, it may not be an appropriate approach for a cracked structural foundation.

This approach to concrete repair is ideal, however, for driveway and carport slabs, patios, sidewalks and porches. Slabjacking is also helpful for restoring a variety of commercial concrete damage as well.

So what is the best way to know for sure which method is right to fix your cracks? Schedule a free professional consultation with Utah’s leading concrete repair specialists, Lift Right Concrete LLC. We are based in West Jordan, Utah, but we serve customers throughout the Salt Lake City area and Northern Utah. Contact us today for help troubleshooting your concrete cracks.

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