How Concrete Lifting Works to Raise a Sunken Slab

Concrete lifting, or slabjacking, comes at a fraction of the cost of a slab tear-out and replacement. And this repair method is also faster, easier and more effective. It works to restore just about any type of sunken slab, including sidewalks, driveways, patios, porch steps, pool decks and garage floors.

But how, exactly, does concrete lifting work?

concrete lifting sunken slab

In general terms, the repair involves filling air pockets in the soil under a sunken slab and using pressure to raise it into the proper position. But the more details of the slabjacking process requires a bit more explanation.

Small Holes Are Drilled in the Sunken Slab

The slabjacking process starts with drilling a series of small holes in the concrete, each roughly two inches in diameter. Placement is carefully planned, as the holes must align with the air pockets under the slab.

Professional slabjacking contractors drill only the number of holes needed, which varies depending upon the size of the project. Sometimes, the holes can be hidden within the concrete cracks or grout lines.

Cement Slurry Is Pumped Through the Holes

When the drilling is done, professional contractors mix up a proprietary cement slurry. Typically, this contains Portland cement, water and fillers like dirt, sand or limestone aggregate.

Next, the contractors fit a hydraulic pump into the drilled holes and use it to deliver the cement slurry through the sunken slab. The mixture spreads to completely fill the air pockets and stabilizes the soil. When the pockets are filled, the resulting pressure raises the slab back to its original position.

Caulk Is Applied to the Holes & Concrete Cracks

Once the sunken slab has been raised, professional slabjacking contractors wipe up any spills and fill the drilled holes with fresh concrete.

Caulking is the final step to the slabjacking process. The holes and concrete cracks need to be sealed to prevent water penetration. Applying caulk can be a do-it-yourself job, but many homeowners and businesses choose to let professional contractors handle the task.

Can Concrete Lifting Fix Any Sunken Slab?

Slabjacking can work to raise and stabilize most sunken concrete slabs. And, in nearly every case, it’s the best repair option.

That said, concrete lifting is not a universal fix. For settled foundation slabs, piering is the recommended approach. And slabjacking isn’t possible with badly crumbled concrete – for that, slab tear-out and replacement is the only way to go.

So, is concrete lifting the right repair method for your sunken slab? To find out for sure, you’ll need to consult with an experienced professional contractor – like the team here at Lift Right Concrete.

As a locally-owned leader in the northern Utah concrete lifting industry for more than ten years, Lift Right Concrete offers high-quality workmanship at an affordable price. We guarantee customer satisfaction with every slabjacking project, and we’re skilled at both residential and commercial repair work.

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