How Long Does Concrete Lifting Last?

Concrete Living Lifespan

How long does concrete lifting last? It can depend on several factors. However, what's true is that when you employ concrete lifting and leveling to fix sunken concrete, you can expect considerable cost savings when compared to ripping out and relaying the slab.

Why You Need Concrete Lifting

The concrete lifting process addresses the problems that caused concrete to sink in the first place. The land underneath the slab was not properly compacted when it was laid, water has eroded the area, or the slab was installed on an incline where it could slip. The need for slab raising often becomes apparent 5 to 7 years after construction or after soil conditions change. The resulting uneven slab poses a tripping hazard and can lead to water damage in foundations.

By injecting material into the concrete through a series of small holes, the process of concrete jacking builds up the soil to produce repairs that can last indefinitely. Companies that offer this service are so sure of its effectiveness that they may offer warranties 2 to 4 times longer than those on new concrete installations.

Ensuring the Success of Concrete Repair

When there are future problems, it is usually because:

  • The soil contains so much organic matter that long-term stabilization is difficult.
    If an area is not properly drained, or there are broken utility pipes or surface cracks, future erosion can work away at the soil.
  • Both of these problems can be lessened by verifying that drainage systems and breakages are repaired underground, while cracks visible from the surface are filled as well. In most cases, concrete lifting presents a long-term solution.

Often, concrete near gutters and downspouts becomes unlevel over time due to the large onslaught of water after storms. If you have the ground near your home sloped away from it and make sure that your gutter system effectively carries water away from the foundation, you should have minimal problems with nearby concrete.

Lifting Won't Work on Deteriorating Concrete

The other factor that limits the success of concrete lifting is the condition of the concrete itself. When large areas of concrete start to crumble or deteriorate, the leveling process cannot help that problem; usually the only solution for deterioration is replacement. In addition to the age of the concrete, continuous freezing and thawing or being stressed by too heavy a load can contribute to deterioration.

Cost Effectiveness of Concrete Lifting

In comparison to new concrete, concrete lifting costs 1/3 to 1/2 as much, so it represents a substantial savings for both residential and commercial customers. Considering that the process is quick, allows almost immediately use, and does not destroy adjacent landscaping or other features in the area, the price you pay is just the start of your true savings.

Why pay for new concrete when you can use long-lasting concrete lifting? Lift Right Concrete can show you potential savings on a repair that can last for years.

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