How to Avoid Replacing a Cracked Concrete Slab

Is the cracked concrete slab on your northern Utah property a goner? Or can you somehow avoid the expensive and time-consuming process of concrete removal and replacement?

If your slab is extremely cracked or crumbled, tearing it out and pouring new concrete may be the only option. But if the damage isn’t too severe, you shouldn’t have to go that route – you can choose mudjacking instead.

Mudjacking is a highly effective and affordable alternative to concrete removal and replacement. Here’s how professional contractors use mudjacking to repair cracked concrete slabs.
Cracked concrete replacement

Soil Void Detection

Voids or empty spaces in the soil under the slab are the cause of the cracking – so the first step to the mudjacking process is to find the exact location of the voids. To do so, professional contractors employ ground penetrating radar, which uses radio pulses to detect anomalies underground.

Slab Preparation

Filling the soil voids is key to restoring cracked concrete to its former glory. To reach the empty spaces beneath the slab, professional mudjacking contractors drill a few strategically-placed holes. The holes are relatively small, about two inches in diameter.

Hydraulic Pressure

Next, professional mudjacking contractors attach a hydraulic pump to one of the drilled holes and use an environmentally-friendly cement slurry mixture to fill the soil void underneath. This process is repeated at each of the holes, and the hydraulic pressure lifts the concrete slab back to a level position.

Caulk Application

The final step to mudjacking is to seal the cracked concrete, as applying caulk to the holes and cracks helps protect the slab from further damage. Homeowners can opt to handle this task themselves, but professional mudjacking contractors offer caulk application for a nominal fee.

Can Mudjacking Save Your Cracked Concrete Slab?

Mudjacking not only costs far less than concrete removal and replacement, it also takes far less time. Plus, since the soil is stabilized during the mudjacking process, the repair offers longer-lasting results.

But is mudjacking the right fix for your concrete slab? To find out, get an expert opinion from a local professional mudjacking contractor – like the team at Lift Right Concrete.

Based in West Jordan and Grantsville, Lift Right Concrete is a northern Utah industry leader with over a decade of experience successfully completing mudjacking repairs for homeowners and businesses in the greater Salt Lake City area and along the Wasatch Front. With us, you can count on first-rate workmanship, stellar customer service and fair, affordable pricing.

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