Immediate Concrete Repairs: Why They’re So Important

If your concrete has been degrading due to a variety of sources, from long-term wear-and-tear to specific recent damage, you have robust repair options at your disposal. While degraded concrete is a definite risk and concern, practices like concrete lifting and leveling are common modern processes that will quickly and easily return your concrete surfaces to like-new status and keep them there for years into the future.

At Lift Right Concrete, we're here to help with any and all such needs. We offer both residential and commercial concrete lifting and leveling services for any concrete slab on your property and any form or degree of damage or degradation that's taken place. One of the most important tips we give our clients who are dealing with these issues: Immediate action is important, and will save you both money and time. This two-part blog series will dig into the risks of putting off concrete and foundation repairs, both in terms of your wallet and your property's quality.

immediate concrete repairs important

Repairs Cost More

The first basic piece of information to know about concrete degradation forms like cracks, moisture infiltration and others: They all worsen with time. There's simply no such thing as a concrete crack that solves itself and suddenly becomes less cracked – it will only go in one direction.

This has several potential negative trickle-down effects if you postpone repairs, the first of which is that they will simply cost more. In any situation where your damaged concrete surfaces also impact the home foundation, such as areas like garage floors, patios or others, the potential cost of putting off these repairs for even a few days or weeks could be massive. Furthermore, smaller issues are often signs of larger ones to come, and getting rid of them as early as possible prevents this further concern.

Property Value Concerns

Down similar lines, and once again especially if the foundation of the home is involved in any way, the potential impact on property value is vast. Home inspection services that are done if you're trying to sell the home will absolutely pick up major concrete damage issues, and the future homeowner will factor this into their offer calculations as they're considering your home – and almost certainly won't pay your asking price if these issues are present.

Spreading Structural Issues

Furthermore, failure to address concrete and foundation issues can also have a major impact on the structural integrity of the entire home. The foundation and these other concrete surfaces hold up much of the weight of the home, but a breakdown of this support system can lead to bending, bowing and cracking of walls, window frames and even flooring materials.

For more on why it's vital to address concrete and foundation repair needs immediately, or to learn about any of our concrete repair services, speak to the staff at Lift Right Concrete today.

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