Maintain your Business Property with Affordable Commercial Concrete Lifting

Commercial Concrete Lifting

As a property owner with grounds to maintain, commercial concrete lifting can help keep your sidewalks, driveways, walkways, and parking lots in good condition. If any of these concrete surfaces have cracked or become uneven at the joints, you can face lawsuits if accidents occur as a result.

The Dilemma of Commercial Property Owners

As a property or business owner, it is your responsibility to maintain walks, drives, and other common areas. If the tenant in 8A is coming up the sidewalk to the building with her arms laden with groceries and trips over a raised piece of sidewalk that she did not see, you may have a lawsuit on your hands. If customers puncture tires by running over gaps between concrete slabs, you might be keeping the local tire shop in business. In either case, you need quick repairs.

If you have just purchased an office building, apartment complex, or condominium development with parts of the concrete in disrepair, you need a solution that is not only quick but also economically viable to level large expanses of concrete. The conditions not only pose risks for tenants, visitors, and vendors, but also detract from the curb appeal of the building, which could affect your reputation and ability to attract tenants or customers.

Even if you have owned a property for years with no problems, settling can occur over time and cause cracking and sinking in concrete. Make it a habit to routinely walk your property and inspect all of the concrete elements for new problems.

Commercial Concrete Lifting to the Rescue

Commercial concrete leveling offers a quick, affordable solution. The process, which involves pumping organic or foam material through small holes drilled in the surface of the concrete, can stabilize the soil underneath uneven concrete slabs. The material stabilizes the soil and lifts the sunken slabs. As a result, the areas subject to commercial slabjacking are immediately leveled, and what's more, are less likely to have future sinking problems.

Making repairs on concrete by the lifting method typically costs less than half the cost of replacing the sections of concrete. There are cost-benefits to you if you have large areas of your property repaired at the same time, but you can easily prioritize your repairs to match your budget.

Speedy Solutions that do not Disrupt your Tenants

The process is quick, so your driveways, sidewalks, garages, parking lots, and other problematic areas will not be out of service for any considerable length of time. The material injected into the holes dries almost instantly; by the time the work crew removes their equipment, the pavement will be ready for foot and vehicular traffic.

For information on commercial concrete lifting that offers an economical way to keep your commercial property safe and well-maintained in the eyes of those who patronize your business, call Lift Right Concrete today.

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