Pool Deck Mudjacking Gets You Ready for Summertime Fun

Mudjacking may be just the concrete repair method you need if you have cracks in your swimming pool deck.

pool deck mudjacking

The dog days of summer are right around the corner for northern Utah, and a smooth, level pool deck is a must for safe swimming. Concrete cracks are trip hazards – and you don’t want your family or friends to stumble and fall when they go to take a dip.

Mudjacking, also known as concrete leveling, is an easy way to restore both the beauty and the safety of your swimming pool area.

Causes of Pool Deck Cracks

When swimming pools are installed, the soil under and around the deck area is packed into place as much as possible. However, to reduce the risk of damage to the pool components, soil compaction may be minimized.

As time goes on, the soil inevitably becomes compressed. This creates voids, or air pockets, within the deck foundation. Voids in the underlying soil make concrete unstable, which is why cracks and settlement frequently occur in pool decks.

Other factors may also play a part in the development of concrete cracks. Inadequate drainage, improper grading and poor craftsmanship, for example, can accelerate concrete settlement and cracking. In addition, pool decks installed over expansive soil – common here in northern Utah – are prone to developing cracks more quickly.

How Pool Deck Mudjacking Fixes the Problem

Mudjacking can repair your swimming pool area and make it safe for summertime fun.

How does concrete leveling work for a pool deck? First, the concrete repair contractor drills a few small, strategically-placed holes in the concrete deck. Next, technicians use a hydraulic pump to push a cement mudjacking mixture through the holes, filling the voids in the soil below.

Once all the air pockets are filled, pressure lifts the concrete deck back to its original, level position. Once that’s done, the cracks and mudjacking holes simply need to be caulked – a job either you or your professional mudjacking contractor can handle.

Benefits of Pool Deck Mudjacking

Mudjacking not only eliminates the trip hazards in the concrete, but it also stabilizes your swimming pool – with no soil voids underneath, the deck area shouldn’t crack again anytime soon.

Even better, pool deck mudjacking is extremely affordable. In fact, concrete leveling typically comes in at less than half the cost of tearing out and replacing a cracked concrete slab. And, because mudjacking is minimally invasive to the property, you won’t have to worry about added landscaping or pool repair costs.

Finally, this approach to pool deck repair takes very little time. Mudjacking repair usually takes just a few hours, so you won’t have to stop everyone from swimming for long. Concrete slab replacement, on the other hand, can put your pool out of commission for several days – or longer.

Does your swimming pool deck have cracks? If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area and are thinking about getting mudjacking, schedule a free, no-pressure consultation with the professionals at Lift Right Concrete.

As the leading mudjacking experts in northern Utah for more than a decade, Lift Right Concrete is known for high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service – and our concrete leveling prices are fair and competitive. For more information, or to schedule a professional pool deck mudjacking consultation, contact our West Jordan or Grantsville office today.

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