Slabjacking Solves Common Concrete Problems

Does your property have concrete problems? Slabjacking is often an ideal solution, as the repair is both more effective and less expensive than tearing out and replacing a damaged slab.

Many homeowners put off fixing concrete problems, not knowing that such a quick, easy and practical repair exists. However, failing to address unsafe property conditions could mean a trip to court as a defendant in a personal injury claim.

Don’t let that be you. Slabjacking is an affordable way to restore the stability and integrity of a damaged slab, and it works for most concrete problems.
Slabjacking for cracked and broken concrete

Cracked Slabs

Cracked concrete is a common issue, one that nearly every homeowner faces at some point. Ask any professional repair contractor -- after years of wear and tear, along with constant exposure to the elements, concrete always cracks.

The good news? Slabjacking is a fast, effective fix for cracked concrete. Once the repair is finished, the slab is completely safe and stable, back in its original position – and after caulking, the cracks are practically invisible.

Uneven Slabs

If you have an uneven slab, or one that’s tilting to one side or the other, you’re not alone – this is a prevalent concrete problem for homeowners, particularly those with improper land grading and poor water drainage. Uneven slabs are also common in regions that experience frost heaving in the winter.

Slabjacking works to stabilize the soil foundation under an uneven slab, restoring its structural integrity. As a result of slabjacking, formerly tilted slabs are back to being flat, even and safe for everyday use.

Sunken Steps

The same issues that cause slabs to tilt also cause steps to sink – and sunken steps are a serious hazard. Anyone who walks up or down could easily fall, and icy or slick conditions make falls even more probable.

Fortunately, slabjacking is just as effective for sunken steps as it is for cracked and uneven slabs. After the concrete repair work is complete, every step will be level, so the chance of someone falling is minimized.

Can Slabjacking Solve Every Concrete Problem?

Sadly, slabjacking isn’t always the answer. It won’t restore concrete that’s crumbled, crushed or pulverized, and the concrete repair method isn’t typically recommended for foundation slabs.

If none of those describes your concrete problem, slabjacking is likely the best solution. To find out for sure, however, you’ll need to consult with a local professional concrete repair contractor.

For expert advice in northern Utah, call on Lift Right Concrete. A locally-owned leader in the slabjacking and concrete repair industry for over a decade, we’re committed to masterful workmanship, exceptional customer care and affordable pricing for every slabjacking project.

Lift Right Concrete offers no-cost, no-obligation slabjacking consultations to homeowners and businesses in the greater Salt Lake City area and all along the Wasatch Front. If you want to discuss slabjacking with a highly-experienced professional concrete repair contractor, contact our West Jordan or Grantsville, Utah, office today.

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