Spring Is Mudjacking Season: Time to Repair Your Sunken Concrete!

Spring is here, and so is mudjacking season!

Once warm weather arrives and you spend more time outside, you may notice that winter wasn’t so kind to your property. If you see sunken concrete – as many northern Utah homeowners do in the spring – make mudjacking a priority.

Cleaning up the yard and putting in new plants can go a long way, but sunken concrete will keep your landscape from looking its best. After mudjacking, you’ll be able to enjoy your property to the fullest.

Affordable repairs for sunken concrete

When Is Mudjacking the Right Concrete Repair Method?

Mudjacking has several other names – it’s also known as slab leveling, concrete lifting, and slabjacking, Whatever you prefer to call the repair method, it can work to restore just about any sunken slab on your northern Utah property.

When it comes to concrete repair, mudjacking is the ideal solution for:

  • Split sidewalks
  • Sagging porches
  • Cracked driveways
  • Lopsided patios
  • Settled pool decks
  • Uneven garages

Why Is Mudjacking the Best Concrete Repair Solution?

Mudjacking is the preferred way to fix sunken concrete in northern Utah. Other repair options are available, but none come with as many advantages as mudjacking.

Homeowners choose mudjacking because of:

  • The cost – Mudjacking is the least expensive concrete repair solution, with a price that comes in way under that of polyjacking and slab replacement.
  • The time – The mudjacking repair process is quick, and most projects are finished in less than two hours. The surface of the slab is ready for immediate use, though heavy weight has to wait for a few hours.
  • The results – After mudjacking, the formerly sunken concrete remains even and stable, as the repair restores the stability of the soil foundation under the slab.

Why Do You Need to Repair Sunken Concrete?

We could talk about how repairing sunken concrete boosts your curb appeal – which is definitely true. Or, the answer to this question could revolve around safety, as mudjacking does eliminate dangerous trip hazards.

Really, though, the most important reason to consider concrete repair this spring might just be to prevent the problem from getting worse. The damage isn’t going to fix itself, and if you procrastinate, the sunken slab could create serious (and seriously costly) structural issues around your northern Utah property.

Do you have a sunken slab? Take action this spring to keep your repair costs in check. Lift Right Concrete, serving homeowners in the greater Salt Lake City area and all along the Wasatch Front, offers expert mudjacking at a budget-friendly price.

Based in Grantsville and West Jordan, Lift Right Concrete has been a leader in the Utah concrete repair industry for more than ten years. Along with our affordable pricing, we’re known for exceptional workmanship and top-notch customer service. For a complimentary professional evaluation of your sunken concrete, contact us and schedule a mudjacking consultation today.

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