The Many Advantages of Mudjacking Concrete Repair

Mudjacking is the concrete repair method of choice for just about any damaged concrete slab.

Also known as concrete leveling, mudjacking works to lift and stabilize sagging porch steps, sunken driveways, cracked patios, uneven sidewalks, tilted garage floors, settled pool decks and more. But, then again, so does polyjacking, a similar concrete repair method.

So, what makes mudjacking the better option?

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Mudjacking comes at a much lower cost than polyjacking. The latter method uses a high-density, commercial-grade polyurethane foam to raise and restore damaged concrete slabs, which is a pretty pricey product. The mudjacking approach uses an inexpensive cement slurry to complete the same task – and that cuts the concrete repair project cost by quite a bit.


The higher price of polyjacking might make sense if the concrete repair method was more effective than mudjacking, but that isn’t the case. Both approaches work to fill soil voids and lift damaged slabs back to a level position. And, both types of repair provide long-lasting stability. Therefore, for most residential and commercial applications, polyjacking isn’t worth the added cost.


The slurry used for mudjacking is completely natural, as the mixture contains only Portland cement (comprised of clay and limestone) along with slate shale, sand, soil and other organic materials. Polyurethane foam, on the other hand, is a chemical-based substance that’s hazardous to handle. It also gives off strong, toxic odors. Given the potential risks of the polyjacking material, there’s little reason not to choose mudjacking instead.


The process for polyjacking, like that for mudjacking, requires the drilling of several strategically-placed holes in the damaged concrete slab. With polyjacking, the holes are smaller – which could seem like a justification for choosing that method of concrete repair. But actually, the difference in size only amounts to about an inch in diameter. So, once caulk is applied to the concrete cracks and drilled holes, both types of repair offer attractive results.

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