What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is the preferred technique for raising and stabilizing settled concrete slabs. Also known as slabjacking or concrete lifting, this repair method is highly effective and provides long-lasting results.


But, what exactly is mudjacking, and how does it work?

A Quick and Easy Method of Concrete Repair

Over time, concrete slabs settle as a result of changes in the underlying soils. Mudjacking addresses these changes and restores the integrity of the concrete.

It may sound complicated but it’s not. The repair process takes very little time – usually just an hour or two from start to finish (although larger projects may take slightly longer).

This concrete repair starts with drilling a few small holes in the settled concrete slabs. Next, a cement slurry is pumped through the holes. This mixture fills voids or empty areas in the soil, which works to stabilize the slab foundation.

Once the voids are filled, pressure lifts the slab back to its original level position. After a quick caulking of the cracks and mudjacking holes, the repair is complete. Once the crew leaves, the surface is ready for light use.

Wait a few hours or overnight, and the slab can handle heavy weight.

When is Mudjacking the Right Solution?

Really, the better question would be when isn’t mudjacking the right solution -- this repair method works for most settled concrete slabs, including:

Cracked sidewalks
Sunken porches
Uneven patios
Fractured pool decks
Damaged driveways
Sagging parking lots

Generally speaking, mudjacking can raise and restore almost any concrete slab. However, concrete lifting is not appropriate for foundation problems. And, if the damage is extensive – if the slab is too crumbled or crushed, for example – mudjacking may not be the right repair solution.

How Much Does Mudjacking Cost?

Here’s the best part – slabjacking is the least expensive method of professional concrete repair.

Mudjacking comes in at a much cheaper price than polyjacking, a similar method that uses a costly polyurethane foam instead of a cement slurry to raise settled concrete slabs. And, mudjacking costs are typically less than half the price of slab replacement.

Every concrete lifting project is different, of course, but according to HomeAdvisor.com, the average cost of mudjacking is just $864. Your price will be based on the amount of cement slurry used and the difficulty in reaching the repair area. Small, simple projects may run as low as a few hundred dollars, while larger concrete repairs or those in confined locations may cost upwards of a few thousand.

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