Can Concrete Driveway Cracks Be Prevented?

Concrete Crack Prevention

In Northern Utah, concrete driveway cracks almost seem like a fact of life.

Freeze-and-thaw cycles and forces like shrinkage, soil expansion and upheaval mean that, given enough time, these annoying driveway cracks may be inevitable. Concrete is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials, yet it does have the propensity to crack.

While it isn’t possible to guarantee against cracking, you may be able to help prevent cracks from forming.

Manage Vegetation to Prevent Concrete Driveway Cracks

Do you have trees or bushes growing right next to your concrete driveway? The landscaping may look beautiful, but the growing roots can cause major damage.

As plants grow – especially those prone to having near-surface root systems – they exert pressure on the driveway and its foundation. The result is cracking in the driveway.

Consider moving (or removing) any vegetation that is growing near your driveway. Bushes and small trees can be dug up and transplanted to another spot in the yard. As for large trees, you can either remove them or install a tree root barrier system.

Keeping your driveway edged can also help prevent driveway cracks. In other words, remove sod and weeds from within two or three inches of the edges, so that rainwater and melted snow will flow away from your driveway.

Maintain Your Water Drainage Systems to Avoid Concrete Cracks

Speaking of rainwater and melted snow, take a look at how it flows from your gutters and downspouts.

If you have any leaks or if one of the gutters or downspouts becomes clogged, the waste water can flood out and flow underneath your concrete driveway. The freezing temperatures here in Utah can then cause the soil foundation to contract, creating the potential for driveway cracks.

Homeowners know the importance of keeping water away from their home’s foundation but they may inadvertently route it such that it causes patios, porches, driveways and sidewalks to crack. To be safe, make sure to repair any problem areas in your water drainage systems promptly and route the outflow away from any concrete surfaces.

Repair Your Existing Concrete Driveway Cracks

Do you already have cracking in your concrete driveway? Even if the problem is minimal and causing no safety risk, experts recommend having those repairs done as soon as possible.

Driveway cracks are a sign that the soil foundation underneath is not stable. Without concrete repair, the soil problems will only get worse and the cracks will grow larger. Plus, any crack lets water get into the soil, which can cause damage as it freezes and thaws.

Concrete lifting is a repair process that can save you the expense of replacing your slab.

With concrete lifting, also called mudjacking or slabjacking, small holes are drilled in the cracked area. Then, a cement-based mixture is hydraulically pumped through the holes to fill voids or empty areas in the soil below. This creates pressure which, in turn, causes the concrete to lift back to its original position.

The professionals at Lift Right Concrete LLC in Utah are experienced at using concrete lifting to repair sunken slabs and walkways. Contact our Grantsville or West Jordan office today to schedule a free consultation and estimate to repair concrete driveway cracks.

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