Commercial Concrete Leveling Lowers Your Liability Risk

If the concrete on your business property isn’t in such great shape, you should schedule commercial concrete leveling soon.

Cracked, sunken and settled slabs are unsightly and make your property look neglected. More importantly, however, the damage creates an unsafe situation for everyone who visits your business. And if you don’t address the issue, you could end up in court.

Commercial concrete leveling in West Jordan UT

What Are the Risks of Damaged Concrete?

To answer this question, consider the types of concrete surfaces you have on your business property and how they are used. Any damaged slab poses a risk, but the biggest trip hazards include:

  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Cracked driveways
  • Sunken parking lots
  • Settled steps
  • Lopsided patios

These surfaces, among others, are unsafe. If people coming to your property don’t pay careful attention as they walk, they could easily trip and fall. And if your business is located in a region that has harsh winters, the risk is increased. Damaged slabs have areas where water pools and freezes, creating slippery spots that can hide out of sight under the snow.

What Is Your Potential Liability?

Let’s say you decide to put off commercial concrete leveling, and the worst happens – someone visiting your business trips and falls. What is your liability in the situation?

As a business owner, you have a legal responsibility to maintain the safety of your property. And if a visitor suffers injury as a result of unsafe conditions – like your damaged concrete – they can sue you.

If the court finds you negligent, you will have to pay for the injured visitors medical bills. You may also be liable for lost wages, lost future income, future medical expenses and pain and suffering. All told, you may end up paying a much bigger price than you would have for commercial concrete leveling.

Can Concrete Leveling Make Your Commercial Property Safer?

Chances are, yes – concrete leveling works for most damaged slabs, including sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, steps and patios.

The leveling process restores slabs to their original position by stabilizing the underlying soil. The voids, or empty spaces, are filled with a cement slurry mixture, and pressure lifts the concrete. Afterward, the slabs are completely secure – and they’ll keep their integrity for up to 10 years.

Concrete leveling is highly effective, yet also quite affordable. The cost comes in far below that of your other concrete repair options. However, not all damaged slabs are candidates for leveling. When concrete is badly crumbled, crushed or cracked, it needs to be replaced.

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