Concrete Lifting as a Solution to Garage Drainage Problems

Concrete lifting is frequently associated with outdoor repairs. Also known as mudjacking, this alternative to slab replacement is used to fix cracked sidewalks, sunken patios, uneven driveways and other damaged outside concrete areas.

Garage Drainage Problems

But did you know that concrete lifting also works to fix garage drainage problems? Water shouldn’t puddle in your garage after a heavy rain. If it does, mudjacking is the ideal repair solution.

What Causes Garage Drainage Problems?

Water can pool in the garage as a result of poor site grading prior to construction. If the property doesn’t slope toward the street, rainwater may end up flowing into the garage rather than down the driveway and into the storm sewer system.

More often than not, however, drainage problems are caused by soil settlement after construction. Over time, freeze-and-thaw cycles and other forces, such as soil upheaval, expansion and shrinkage, create air pockets or voids in the underlying soil.

When these voids begin to give way, the concrete floor begins to sink and crack. As the slab settles, it provides an easy route for water to run into the garage.

Why Not Install a Garage Drainage System?

So, if you have issues with garage drainage, wouldn’t installing a floor drain make better sense than getting mudjacking?

Probably not. Although it may sound like a great solution, installing a drain can sometimes add to your problems.

If your garage wasn’t initially designed to include a drain, adding one can be a difficult and costly endeavor. In fact, you may end up having to tear out the garage floor. And, even if your project goes without a hitch, the drain may not work as expected if the concrete slab continues to settle.

Also, some building codes don’t allow homeowners to install garage drains. The runoff from gasoline and other automotive fluids can be toxic, and many cities prohibit floor drains to ensure that the local water supply does not become contaminated.

How Can Concrete Lifting Solve Garage Drainage Problems?

The concrete lifting process involves drilling a few small holes in the damaged slab. Next, a cement slurry mixture is pumped through. Once that’s done and the holes and floor cracks are caulked, your drainage problems are solved.

But how dos this magic work?

The cement slurry serves two functions. First, it fills voids in the soil under the slab and creates pressure to lift the slab back to its proper position. And, after the mixture completely hardens (which takes several hours or overnight) the integrity of the underlying soil is restored and the concrete is stabilized.

During the concrete lifting process, the contractor will take care to raise the level of the slab just enough to create a proper slope for drainage. No more pooling water!

The best part is that concrete lifting is incredibly affordable. When compared to tearing out and replacing a garage floor or installing a drain, slabjacking comes in at a much more modest price.

Don’t live with the nuisance and safety concerns of a damaged garage floor. Lift Right Concrete LLC offers free consultations to homeowners throughout northern Utah and all along the Wasatch Front. To learn more about how concrete lifting can solve your garage drainage problems, contact our West Jordan or Grantsville office today.

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