Concrete Repair Advantages Over Concrete Replacement, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basic differences between concrete repair and concrete replacement. In the vast majority of situations where your concrete has sunk, cracked or otherwise been damaged, concrete repair solutions like concrete lifting and leveling will be preferable to concrete replacement in both ROI and other important areas.

At Lift Right Concrete, we’re happy to offer a wide range of commercial and residential concrete lifting and leveling services, with solutions ranging from driveway leveling to patios, decks, stairs and numerous other concrete areas that may have been damaged on your property. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll go over a couple other major areas where concrete repair shows huge advantages over concrete replacement, plus inform you of rare situations where concrete repair might not be a realistic option and replacement is your only choice.

concrete repair advantages replacement

Landscape and Environmental Impact

One major consideration for many property owners when looking to remedy concrete damage is the impact such a process may have on the surrounding environment and landscape. Concrete replacement tends to be a fairly labor-intensive process down these lines, involving major pieces of equipment for existing concrete demolishing in many cases – this can easily damage the nearby landscape and often forces factory or business owners to relocate certain items or work areas.

Concrete lifting and leveling, on the other hand, comes with none of this hassle and surrounding impact. The only equipment required is relatively compact and parked off-site, and crews only have to work on dedicated areas.

Injury Risk and Timetables

In addition, concrete replacement is a process that carries significantly larger injury risk than concrete repair – this is in addition, of course, to risks that are posed initially by damaged concrete. The primary driver of this risk: The timetable.

As we’ve mentioned, concrete replacement is often a multi-day process that takes quite a period of time to complete. Combined with all the damage it can create in the area, and you’re looking at the possibility of several days where a major area of your property presents safety hazards. Concrete repair, on the other hand, takes just a few hours in most cases, minimizing injury risks by competing the job entirely within a single day.

Situations Where Concrete Replacement is Necessary

As we’ve shown you clearly in this series, concrete repair is almost always the preferred route if your concrete is damaged. However, there may be a few rarer situations where repair will not be an option and replacement is the only solution, including:

  • Installation issues: Poorly-installed concrete may have dried too rapidly or could contain surface issues that require re-pouring.
  • Major breakage: In cases where concrete has gone past cracking and has actually broken apart in large sections, repairs may not be possible and a new slab might be required.

For more on why concrete repair is generally preferable to concrete replacement, or to learn about any of our concrete lifting and leveling services, speak to the staff at Lift Right Concrete today.

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