Factors at Play in a Concrete Repair Estimate

At Lift Right Concrete, we’re proud to offer not only high-quality residential and commercial concrete lifting and leveling services, but also simple ways for prospective clients to access them. This begins with our free estimate portal, where we ask for some basic information and then provide a free estimate after inspecting the property and your concrete repair needs.

A concrete repair estimate will feature several distinct elements, each of which focused around detailing repair costs and the factors involved in creating them. For those who have never received such an estimate for concrete repair or similar services, what will it entail and look like? Here’s a simple primer on a standard concrete repair estimate and the elements that will be featured to help you determine your precise needs and their costs.

Fixed Costs

First and foremost, there will be a few cost areas within concrete repair that are standard and do not vary across different jobs. These costs generally cover areas like tools, technician training, licensure and insurance for all our concrete repair professionals – these have to be paid regardless of the scope of your project, so this is the baseline for such services.

It’s vital to only go with contractors like ours who offer such proper licensure and insurance. While incidents with our repair jobs are few and far between, ensuring you’re protected in case of such an event is very important.

Disrepair Level

Now, where estimates begin to vary more widely is when we begin to factor in the specifics of your concrete repair needs, namely the level of disrepair currently present in concrete. Will we be repairing some minor cracks that involve little required material, or major sinking or displacement situations that will require significant effort?

In many ways, this is a factor you as a home or building owner have some control over. If you act quickly when signs of concrete damage are evident, the level of disrepair during repairs will be relatively low, and a correspondingly low cost will come with them. If you choose to wait and hope for the best, on the other hand, concrete damage will worsen and your estimate could rise in the process.

Labor and Materials

While the disrepair level is the basic question at play here, labor and materials required to remedy it are the answers. If your concrete repair project, for instance, requires special tools or other considerations, you can expect the estimate to come in a bit higher than usual. If the repair is relatively straightforward and can be finished quickly and without too many materials, on the other hand, you likely won’t pay too much.

For more on the details of a concrete repair estimate, or to learn about any of our concrete lifting or leveling services, speak to the staff at Lift Right Concrete.

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