Signs You Need Professional Concrete Repair

Concrete is an exceptionally durable material, so if your driveway, sidewalks, porch steps, patio and other slabs are looking good now, you may not require professional concrete repair for quite some time.

However, nothing lasts forever. Over the years, concrete slabs can develop problems --and, if you don’t take action, you can expect the issues to get worse. To maintain curb appeal and keep your property safe, contact a local concrete repair specialist if you notice any of the following warning signs.

How to fix cracked or broken concrete

Concrete Cracks

Active cracking in a slab can be a red flag for structural instability in the soil underneath. The issue won’t fix itself – quite the opposite, in fact.

Left unaddressed, cracks allow for water infiltration. As more moisture gets down into the soil, the composition becomes less stable. Extreme temperatures lead to soil expansion and contraction, resulting in voids or empty spaces under the slab. This causes the slab to settle, and as the issue worsens, the cost of professional concrete repair rises.

Sunken Slabs

Any concrete slab that doesn’t have sufficient soil support is going to sink – and slabs that aren’t level can be hazardous.

Walking on a sunken, uneven surface increases the likelihood of a fall. If you’re aware of the situation and someone who visits your property falls and suffers an injury, you may be held liable for their medical costs, lost wages and lost future income. To make sure that doesn’t happen, schedule concrete repair as soon as you spot a sinking slab.

Standing Water

Under normal circumstances, rain and melting snow should drain right off of your concrete slabs – so if it isn’t, you’ve got a problem.

Pooling water compromises the surface of the slab, making it wear at a faster pace. Let the problem go unfixed for too long, and you’ll start seeing cracks. And as we’ve already mentioned, cracked slabs can create soil instability. Therefore, if you have standing water, prompt concrete repair is in your best interests.

Schedule a Free Professional Concrete Repair Consultation

Do you have cracked or sunken concrete on your property? Or have you spotted a puddle of water atop one of your slabs? For expert advice on your repair options in northern Utah, turn to the professional team at Lift Right Concrete.

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Our repair specialists offer free, no-obligation consultations to homeowners and businesses in the greater Salt Lake City area and along the Wasatch Front. To schedule yours, or to learn more about our professional concrete repair services, contact our Grantsville or West Jordan, Utah, office today.

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