Garage Gloriousness

Garage Gloriousness

Your garage may be last on your list when it comes to home improvements, but it shouldn’t be. A nice and updated garage will add value to your home. Additionally, if you park in your garage daily, seeing a lovely, clean garage each time you pull your car in will also make you feel great. This holiday season is a great time to gift yourself with a better garage, from floor to ceiling.

The Ceiling

If you have a high ceiling in your garage, use that space wisely. Hanging overhead garage storage racks can be useful, especially for items you don’t use often. You’ll want a safe and sturdy solution for accessing those high-to-reach places or opt for a storage lift solution that will lower it for you. Falls in the garage while accessing storage is common, so take precautions with this solution. Smaller items can go into clear bins that can slide into overheard mounted storage racks, creating an easy-to-see solution for accessing your valuables. If your garage doesn’t have a high ceiling, you can still store smaller items that lay flat and won’t interfere with head space, such as fishing poles or camping chairs.

The Walls

The walls of your garage can be utilized in a million different ways. A slatwall storage system or pegboard panels allow for flexibility and stability for whatever you want to hang up. Ladders, shovels, skateboards, ski equipment, and yard tools can be organized nicely using these hanging systems and they’ll be more protected than if they’re on the ground or outside. You can even hang large, sturdy baskets to create space for items you would normally toss into a box on the floor after using them. Go for heavy duty, secure solutions on the walls and reinforce any shelving or hooks so they don’t come crashing down on your car.

The Floor

The floor of your garage holds a heavy load with your vehicles and probably lots of storage, too. It’s good practice to check your floor and ensure it isn’t sinking or cracking. If you see areas of concern, don’t put off this fix any longer. Over time, garage floors can start sinking, but luckily most garages are separate from the home’s foundation so there is no need to panic. However, simply laying concrete over a sinking garage floor is not a good solution. You will need to level out the floor before you do anything else. Settling garages can create a lot of issues, from structural problems to tripping hazards. Trust a professional to help you get your garage’s firm foundation back before you begin other upgrades. Once your floor is solid and stable again, you’ll be confident in bringing in the other solutions for giving your valuables a safe storage space.

When it comes to the upgrades in the garage, much of it can be done by yourself, but the foundation should only be tackled by a professional. Think about endowing yourself with the gift of a solid, nice-looking, and fully functioning garage for Christmas this year.

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