Getting Ready for Slabjacking? Tips to Ensure Long-Lasting Results

A professional slabjacking contractor can raise your settled concrete, quickly restoring its stability and returning the slab to its original level position. The concrete jacking technique is effective, environmentally-friendly and affordable, and most projects take only an hour or two to complete.

Slabjacking isn’t a short-term fix – after concrete jacking, slabs can stand strong for 10 years or more. To make sure repeat slabjacking repairs aren’t necessary sooner than that, however, you’ll need to protect the concrete. Here, we share our best advice on how to achieve long-lasting results.

How long does concrete repair last?

Immediately Caulk the Concrete

Chances are, your settled concrete has cracks – and those cracks are opportunities for water to penetrate the slab and cause future settlement. Applying caulk prevents this from happening, and the task is best done immediately after the slabjacking process is complete. If you prefer, you can have your professional contractor handle the caulking.

No cracks in your settled slab? You’ll still need to caulk after concrete jacking, as several small holes will be drilled in the slab to allow for the injection of a mud-like mixture into the soil voids underneath. By caulking right away, you’ll safeguard the concrete and minimize evidence of the slabjacking repair.

Reseal the Surface on a Regular Basis

Water infiltration is a leading cause of concrete settlement -- and while caulking offers some protection, resealing the slab on a regular basis after slabjacking repair helps keep the moisture out. In addition, applying a sealer can work to improve the slab’s appearance and make it more resistant to chipping and cracking.

As a general rule, experts recommend resealing concrete slabs every one to three years. You can use a roller or sprayer to apply the product, though some sealers need multiple coats for adequate coverage. And if you’d rather have someone else reseal the surface, your professional slabjacking contractor should be willing to take on the job.

Prevent Future Concrete Settlement

To protect your concrete from settling in the months and years after slabjacking, you need to resolve any issues that are known to cause settlement. Take a good look at your property, and consider the following:

  • Do you have damaged rain gutters or downspouts that direct water toward your concrete?
  • Does the slope of the land surrounding a slab allow rainwater and melting snow to flow underneath?
  • Are the roots of any trees or shrubs growing close to or under one of your concrete slabs?
  • Is your yard plagued with moles, voles, groundhogs or other critters that can burrow underneath concrete?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, find a way to solve the problem – otherwise, concrete settlement and additional slabjacking repairs are almost certainly in your future.

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