Repair Concrete Cracks with Mudjacking

To repair concrete cracks, you need the right materials and equipment.

If you only have small, dormant surface cracks, you may be able to handle the repairs yourself. Surface cracking affects the appearance of the concrete, not the integrity of the slab. However, if your cracks are larger, deeper or active, a do-it-yourself repair may not be enough to restore the slab’s stability and durability.

Repair Concrete Cracks with Mudjacking

So, how can you tell if your cracking is dormant or active, and how do you repair concrete cracks most effectively?

Repairing Small Concrete Cracks

Dormant surface cracks can often be identified with two simple tools – a credit card and a flashlight. If the crack is too narrow for the credit card to slide inside, and if shining the light doesn’t allow you to see deep down into the slab, you probably have dormant cracking.

To properly fix a slab with dormant cracks, start by cleaning out the cracked area with a stiff wire brush to get rid of any lingering concrete particles. Then, using a mason’s trowel or putty knife, apply an epoxy mortar, forcing it deep into the cracks and then smoothing the top surface.

Repairing Large Concrete Cracks

For large, active cracks, mudjacking is the preferred concrete repair process. Mudjacking works to fix problems in the underlying soil, which is the likely reason for the cracking. And, the repair comes in at a much lower price than polyjacking and slab replacement.

How does mudjacking work to repair cracked concrete?

Through a few small holes, the technician pumps a cement slurry in, to fill the voids in the soil below. The resulting pressure lifts the damaged slab back to a level position. Once that process is complete, the cracks are caulked and the integrity of the concrete is fully restored.

Do You Need to Hire a Pro to Repair Concrete Cracks?

If you’re certain that your cracking is dormant, you may be able to handle the repair work yourself.

But, if your cracks are active, hiring a professional repair contractor is your best bet. Hands-on mudjacking experience and a solid understanding of how to repair cracked concrete are essential for getting the job done right. Watching a few online mudjacking videos or reading up on the mudjacking repair process won’t give you enough training to properly restore the long-term stability of your damaged slab.

Before you make a decision on how to fix your concrete cracks, why not get an expert opinion? Professional repair contractors – including Lift Right Concrete – offer complimentary, hassle-free evaluations and estimates for mudjacking projects.

When you schedule a free consultation with Lift Right Concrete, one of our experienced team members will inspect the cracked concrete to determine whether epoxy mortar injections or mudjacking is the right approach. For expert advice on how to repair concrete cracks properly, contact our Grantsville or West Jordan UT office today.

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