Why Mudjacking Before Winter Makes Sense

Mudjacking is the best repair solution for cracked or settled concrete. The process, also referred to as concrete lifting, has been proven effective – and besides that, mudjacking is by far the most budget-friendly fix for a damaged slab.

If you have concrete in need of repair, mudjacking is the right remedy. But with winter right around the corner, you should consider contacting a concrete lifting contractor soon. Here’s why you’re better off getting mudjacking before the cold weather sets in.

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Mudjacking Isn’t Practical if the Ground is Frozen

The mudjacking process involves filling the empty spaces in the soil under a concrete slab with a cement-based slurry. Once the voids are filled, pressure lifts the slab back to its original level position.

If the ground is frozen when this work is done, the results aren’t likely to last for long. Freezing conditions cause an expansion in soil volume, and when temperatures rise and the ground thaws, the soil contracts. In Utah, these freeze-and-thaw cycles occur multiple times throughout the season – and with the constant shifts in the soil conditions, mudjacking during the winter months may not work to keep the concrete stable.

Winter Weather Can Make Concrete Damage Worse

Snow, melting ice and frozen rain are no friends to concrete. Slabs seem quite solid, but concrete is permeable – and any moisture that gets inside can compromise its integrity.

Cracked and settled concrete slabs are exceptionally vulnerable, as water can more easily penetrate the surface. And with repeated freeze-and-thaw cycles, the issue becomes more of a concern. Putting off mudjacking until spring typically results in more damage – and the more a slab is damaged, the higher the cost of concrete lifting.

Mudjacking Eliminates Property Safety Issues

Damaged concrete can prove to be rather dangerous in icy weather conditions. Water freezing in the cracks makes walking on the surface difficult – and if snow covers the slab, the hazard may catch people unaware.

If a homeowner knows about a safety issue and doesn’t take steps to address the problem, they could be held legally liable if someone happens to fall and become injured. So, if a homeowner has cracked or settled concrete, yet chooses to postpone mudjacking, they may end up having to pay for the injured person’s medical care and lost income.

Now that you understand why mudjacking before winter arrives is in your best interests, why not contact Lift Right Concrete for a free evaluation and project estimate?

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