Concrete Slab Leveling Pros and Cons

Is concrete slab leveling the right repair method for your cracked or sunken slab? Will it really restore your damaged steps, driveway, patio or walkway?

Concrete Slab Leveling

Most Utah homeowners are pleasantly surprised to learn that concrete leveling – also known as mudjacking – works quite well. For most damaged concrete surfaces, it’s a better choice than tearing out and replacing the slab.

How Does Concrete Leveling Work?

Concrete sinks and cracks because of changes in the soil underneath. Over time, the soil shifts, creating pockets of air. These voids make the slab unstable and lead to damage.

With mudjacking, the soil is stabilized and the slab is returned to its original, even position. After a few small holes are drilled, a cement slurry is pumped into the soil voids. Once they’re filled, pressure lifts the slab back into place.

When the slab is secured in position, the mudjacking holes and cracks are caulked and the concrete is ready for use.

Advantages of Concrete Slab Leveling

Mudjacking offers several benefits over pouring a new slab.

First, there’s cost. Concrete leveling comes in at a much cheaper price – go with a tear-out and replacement, and you can expect to pay two or three times as much.

Second, the mudjacking repair method is effective because it addresses the root of the problem. With slab replacement, the soil isn’t stabilized. So, the new slab may not be secure for long.

Third, mudjacking is both fast and non-invasive. You’ll be able to use the surface almost immediately (other than waiting a few hours to add heavy weight) and the repair won’t affect your landscaping. Neither of these will be the case if you pour a new slab.

Are There Any Cons to Concrete Slab Leveling?

Mudjacking is cheaper and more effective than a tear-out and replacement. And, the repair offers quick results, without damaging your yard.

So, what’s the catch? What are the disadvantages to concrete leveling?

Well, mudjacking does have its limits – this repair method won’t work if the surface is crumbled or badly deteriorated. And, though the holes and cracks are caulked to make the work nearly invisible, the mudjacking repair can still be seen up close.

Those are really the only cons to concrete leveling. And, for most homeowners, slight evidence that a repair was completed is a small price to pay for a secure and stabilized surface.

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