Reasons to Lift Concrete

Reasons to Lift Concrete

Have you ever been out walking your dog and tripped over the neighbor’s uneven sidewalk from their tree roots? How about walking up to your door with an armload of groceries only to forget about that crack and taking a painful spill along with the milk jug? It’s easy to put off fixing uneven areas of concrete, but it will only get worse and eventually cause bigger issues. There are several reasons to fix uneven concrete, and safety is at the top of that list. If you’re hesitating because you think you may need to replace the pad, we’re here to help. Lifting concrete is a great, long-term solution for many uneven concrete issues. Here are some reasons to lift rather than replace:

  1. A safe choice – Safety is the number one reason to fix uneven concrete. Trip hazards can be detrimental to your family and friends, especially for seniors. Additionally, these hazards are a financial liability on your property.
  2. Avoid other damages – If your foundation slab settles or shifts too much, it can cause other damages such as windows shifting, doors sticking, and cracking along the walls of your home. Address it quickly and appropriately with a lift to prevent several possible expensive issues. With a quality lift, the raised slab once again becomes a solid base.
  3. A green choice – When you choose lifting over replacement, you are saving all that material from going to the landfill. It’s more environmentally friendly to lift than replace.
  4. Saves time – Lifting concrete is much quicker than replacement. It may only take a couple of hours to properly lift uneven concrete. And bonus, you don’t have to wait weeks before you can use the area like you would with fresh, new concrete. It’s ready to go right away.
  5. Saves money – The cost of lifting is much less than replacement. You pay less is labor costs and in materials.
  6. Limit water damage – Water will find the path of least resistance and settle in the uneven portions of your concrete. If this settles into your foundation or consistently seeps through the area, more damage will occur over time.
  7. Looks great – Jutting concrete chunks or uneven slabs look unsightly and unkept. Lifting and leveling your concrete will look nice and uniform right away. Also, the repairs made are invisible, so you won’t even notice that work has been done on those sections.
  8. Adds value – Your home’s value will increase if you address uneven areas of concrete. Especially if you’re looking to sell your home, lifting concrete is a cost-effective way to immediately transform the curb appeal of your home and create a more inviting pathway for potential buyers.

Of course, there can be bigger issues lurking beneath these concrete surfaces that may need to be addressed. The only way to appropriately fix settled and uneven concrete is to get a professional to assess the area. The experts at Lift Right Concrete know how to analyze specific situations to provide the best approach.


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