The Risks of Uneven Sidewalks & the Best Concrete Repair Solutions

If you have uneven sidewalks, concrete repair may be your responsibility.

Some Utah cities, including West Jordan, take on the expense of fixing damaged sidewalks. Others either share the cost or, like Salt Lake City, put the burden on the adjacent property owner. And in a few cities, including Grantsville, property owners may be on the hook for repairs if the damage is the result of their actions or negligence.

Repairing damaged sidewalks might not seem all that important, but ignoring the issue can lead to future problems. Here’s a look at the risks of putting off concrete repair and your options for fixing the damage.

How to repair uneven sidewalks

Risks of Not Repairing Uneven Sidewalks

First and foremost, damaged sidewalks are trip hazards. Anyone walking along could fall and suffer an injury – and if you know about the damage, yet fail to seek out concrete repair, you may be liable for the injured party’s medical bills and lost wages.

Along with the potential for a premises liability lawsuit, ignoring uneven sidewalks can put you at risk for water intrusion, structural damage and property devaluation. All of these issues can impact the resale of your home – and while that may not be an immediate concern, who knows what the future holds?

Concrete Repair Options for Uneven Sidewalks

If you have damaged sidewalks, you can choose from one of three different concrete repair solutions:

  • Slabjacking – A process that lifts and restores uneven slabs by stabilizing the underlying soil with a cement slurry mixture
  • Foamjacking – A similar process to slabjacking, using a polyurethane foam instead of a cement slurry
  • Slab replacement – Tearing out the uneven slabs and pouring new concrete

What’s the Best Fix for Your Uneven Sidewalks?

Many homeowners think the last option – slab replacement – is the best concrete repair solution.

In reality, slabjacking is a far better solution. Slabjacking is quick, minimally-invasive and inexpensive – it’s the least costly fix for damaged sidewalks. Plus, unlike slab replacement, slabjacking restores the structural integrity of the underlying soil. So, the repair lasts.

What about foamjacking? The results are similar to those from slabjacking, but the repair costs more. And the polyurethane foam used sets quickly, so the process may not fully stabilize the trouble spots in the soil.

For almost all damaged sidewalks, slabjacking is the ideal repair solution. But to determine if slabjacking can work for you, you’ll need to schedule an evaluation with a reputable local concrete services contractor. For an expert opinion in the northern Utah area, turn to Lift Right Concrete.

A leader in the concrete services industry for more than ten years, Lift Right Concrete offers free, no-obligation consultations and estimates to homeowners in the greater Salt Lake City area. Contact our West Jordan or Grantsville, Utah, office to discuss concrete repair for your uneven sidewalks today.


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