Will Slabjacking Fix Your Damaged Concrete?

If you have damaged concrete at your home or business, you may have researched potential repair options. One of the most popular and affordable choices is known as slabjacking.

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Slabjacking is an effective means for repairing cracked, sunken or uneven concrete. However, not every damaged slab is a good candidate for this repair process.

Consulting with an experienced contractor is the best way to determine which approach is most appropriate for your slab damage. However, learning more about slabjacking can provide you with the information you need to pursue the necessary repairs.

Slabjacking Is Best for Settlement-Related Damaged Concrete

Concrete slabs are often constructed on improperly compacted or expansive clay soils. These conditions can result in voids or unsupported areas beneath the slab. Eventually, the voids cause the concrete to settle unevenly, making the slab crack and sink.

Slabjacking can repair most concrete damage caused by soil settlement. Cracked and sunken driveways, patios, porches, garages and steps can all be restored to their original even and level position through this repair process.

And, because this process fills the voids that caused the problem, further settlement is prevented.

Slabjacking vs. Replacing a Damaged Concrete Slab

The slabjacking process requires us to drill a few small holes in the damaged concrete slab. We then inject a cement slurry or polyurethane foam through the holes, filling the voids in the soil. Once the mixture has permeated all of the empty spaces below, pressure lifts the slab back into place.

Once the slabjacking repair is completed, the cracks and drilled holes are patched. Although they’ll still be slightly visible, the repair is not obvious or unsightly.

Demolishing and re-pouring a damaged concrete slab is generally undesirable for two reasons: cost and performance. Pouring a new slab costs significantly more than slabjacking and it doesn’t correct issues in the underlying soil.

If you opt for replacement, you could end up needing another repair sooner rather than later.

Slabjacking Is Not Appropriate for Damaged Concrete Foundations

Whether your concrete is cracked, sunken or uneven – or all three – slabjacking can solve the problem. As long as your slab hasn’t fractured into dozens of pieces, you shouldn’t have to resort to a more expensive repair.

However, if your concrete damage involves your home’s foundation, slabjacking may not be the right type of repair job. The materials used for this process are strong and durable, but they aren’t capable of lifting and supporting the weight load of a structural foundation. For that type of damage, you may need to have piers installed instead.

Slabjacking is typically the most effective option for repairing site concrete. However, to determine whether this repair will work to fix your problem, trust the knowledge and experience of professional concrete repair contractor. Lift Right Concrete, Utah’s leading concrete repair specialists, offer free consultations to homeowners. Contact our West Jordan office today to schedule an appointment to discuss slabjacking for your damaged concrete.

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